This sweet kiss on the lips, or how to kiss correctly?

the right kiss


  • Preparatory stage
  • Classic version of the kiss
  • French Kiss

Perhaps, this question interests not only teenagers, but already experienced by men and women. It would seem, an ordinary kiss. What could be easier? But in fact, this is a whole science – the science of how to become an unforgettable partner from the first touch of the lips. We will tell in detail in this article how to kiss on the lips.

There are several types of kisses: classical (using the lips) and French (using the language).

In order to answer the question of what a real kiss is, it is important to understand its structure.

First of all, a kiss on the lips has several stages. The first stage: this is all that happens before the kiss of partners: the situation, the mood of yourself and your partner, the circumstances and intentions of everyone. And he is the most important, since “failing” him, up to the second stage the case can absolutely not reach.

So, some rules that need to be learned by both partners, which will be relevant both for the classic kiss on the lips, and for the French.
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Preparatory stage

  1. As trite as it sounds – hygiene! Pleasant smell from the mouth – in fact, 80% of the success.
  2. Relax yourself and relax your lips. Believe me, a trembling partner with a green complexion, cold and wet hands and clenched in fear of the mouth is not a desirable object. Especially if you are a man. Even if you are very much waiting for this moment, even if you are very embarrassed, find the strength to look natural.
  3. Well, now the most important thing. It is necessary to move the barrier of touch. That your touch does not cause negative emotions in the partner and embarrassment. Everything should be gradual: gently touch the hand, later you can also attach the partner. Doing everything should be very calm, do not focus on small things unnecessary attention. Include fantasy and intuition. you will understand how and what to do in this situation. The main thing is to start!

the preparatory stage of a kiss
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Classic version of the kiss

What’s next? Second phase:

  1. When you have decided on time and place, then proceed to kiss on the lips. Slowly bend your head to your long-awaited partner, so that your lips touch. But do not do it too slowly – a zombie from a terrible movie, too, does not attract the attention you need. It should not be lightning fast either. The partner must feel the moment. Relax your lips. When you touch your lips, close your eyes. Believe me, looking at you, especially if both partners have not closed them, except for a fit of laughter, they will not cause any positive and romantic sensations.
  2. Touch your lips to the lips of your partner (choose one: either upper or lower). Gently. Very tender. When the kiss does not press, do not open your mouth very wide, as if you are going to bite off a piece of a large apple. Time for caresses will come a little later, at another stage of your relationship. The first kiss is very important, because it is he who is remembered and leaves one of the first intimate feelings about himself. Try to show your partner that he (or she) is the only and unique person you’ve been waiting for all your life. Feel the tenderness of the lips of your beloved or beloved.
  3. You can gently hold your partner by the back of your neck or gently hold your fingers along her cheek. Hug the partner by the neck or waist. Be careful: if you do not want to be in the first kiss, do not allow yourself and your partner too much caresses.
  4. Gently finish the kiss. Look your favorite person in the eye. He will understand everything without words. This is one of the most important moments! Looking into your eyes, you will determine exactly whether it is worth continuing or stopping. It is very easy to determine this. If your partner wants to continue and he liked everything unconditionally, then his face will have a tender smile or a direct look, full of passion and fire. A partner can tilt his head from shyness and turn his eyes aside – this is normal. If the person expresses discontent, you need to stop. To continue it is not necessary.
  5. If you understand that everything goes as it should, then you can safely move again to kiss on the lips. Kiss gently and passionately, invest feelings and emotions. Caress your lips in order of the upper and lower lip, while letting you also caress your lips. Watch the reaction of your dear partner, who will undoubtedly tell you when to stop or continue.
  6. If both of you are ready for something more, then you can try a French kiss, which differs from the classical using the language.

French Kiss
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French Kiss

And here there are rules. First, let’s talk about what not to do:

  1. Do not stick your tongue too far. This is vulgar and unpleasant.
  2. Avoid excessive salivation.
  3. Do not throw yourself at a partner like a hungry fish. This causes disgust, laughter, and certainly about the awakening of passion will not have to say.

And now about the technique of the French kiss:
Penetrate into the mouth of the partner, touch your tongue with the tongue of the beloved, caress gently with its tip of the tongue from above and below, hold the tongue over the gums, lips, play. Turn on the imagination. Initially, be gentle. Then you can be more relaxed and pour out all the passion for a partner.

Language is the most mobile organ in the human body. Accordingly, and its possibilities are unlimited. Give your partner a sweet kiss every day!

Try it, experiment, and you will succeed!

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