I want a good husband! Where can I get it?

I want a good husband


  • Where and how to choose a good husband
  • Signs that a man can become a wonderful husband
  • How to make a man of the best husband

No, well, which of the girls does not dream of a good husband? No doubt, there are a lot of free women, excellently feeling and without a stamp in the passport. But who knows how they would react to the absence of this stamp, get to them an excellent candidate for life companions.

It is likely that they would try to make a mark on a certain page of their document. Just while this candidate was not found. Most of the young ladies sleep and see themselves next to a family man, who should be a support for his wife and children.

Ladies, looking for only tight purses, we do not take into account. These qualities of the character of a man are indifferent. If only he had a bank account with several zeros. The rest poboku. We are now talking about women, for whom it is vitally important to decide how to choose a good husband.

Yes, a couple of centuries ago it was easier with this case. There was a lady at the ball, and there worthy suitors – a dime a dozen. About each of them the society was sufficiently informed, and to jump out to marry a rake, a scoundrel, a greedy person or a tyrant could only be a too frivolous or unused person. There were, of course, cases when a woman “I want-I do not want” was not considered, and the marriage was against the will of the young lady.

Today, fortunately, this is rare. But quite often you can spoil your life by choosing a man for marriage from a variety of low-quality specimens of the opposite sex. So where then is it better to look for it, this carrier of the highest family test, and how should it be?

Where and how to choose a good husband

In fact, you can find a good husband anywhere. But how lucky it is. And luck is a capricious and unpredictable thing. At someone it literally turns under the feet, and someone does not turn up very often. So we will not hope for luck. It is better to try to outline the circle of places where the bachelors who are able to form a worthy party are most often mistaken.

  1. Supermarket

    If a man is free, then, naturally, he goes for groceries to the store himself. To catch such a fish in supermarkets is better in the evenings. Because people usually work during the day. And when their homes are not waiting for dinner, they after work jump into the store to buy some instant food.

    No, it happens that bachelors acquire something more impressive, – few men these days know how to cook well! But still most of them prefer to quickly put some frost into the microwave. Well, they cook boiled meat dumplings, fry eggs … Very we must hang out in the kitchen after a day’s work! So we go to the supermarket in the evening and watch for the male buyers.

    A suitable object should choose a product, not a name for someone and not looking in the list. After discovering it, we swim closer and ask, for example, to get a jar of spices from the top shelf. Do not get it – then, not our option. Will get – think out what to ask for next.

  2. Bowling

    That’s where the expanse! It is worth the girl to show that she does not know how to roll balls on the path, as soon as there are a lot of people willing to teach her such wisdom. And if we know how to roll them, it’s not necessary for others to know about it. In the end, a woman is an actress from nature. One can always pretend that both pins and balls we see for the first time in life.

    Let the diversified teachers of art trickle in and try their best to show their own skills. No, well, what kind of man will miss the moment to show off before a pretty young lady? We will only have to carefully probe each of them for ringing and choose the most suitable candidate for the grooms.

  3. Library or bookstore

    Yes, yes, and in such a computerized time there are eccentrics wandering about in such places. It is not known what they lost there, but it does not matter. The important thing is that these men have time to read. What does this fact mean? First of all, that the intellect should be present. This is already great, because a fool-husband can hardly make a normal woman happy.

    Well, and secondly that the book has enough free time. Having a family, his wife probably would have limited this limit. However, the wives are different. Yes, and men, sticking out in libraries and bookstores, often live in their own world, not letting anyone in. But you can try!

    Moreover, it is not difficult to get acquainted in such places. It is enough to start a conversation about a book. And then everything will go like clockwork. And if the interlocutor is still a family man, we simply politely say goodbye. Big deal!

  4. Fishing

    Ooooh, this is an excellent option for finding a candidate for husbands! Not only that they are near each puddle, called a pond, a dime a dozen, so also fish in this “pond” is easy to catch. To do this, you just need to buy gear and learn to distinguish the float from the line. Worms on the hook to be able to nasazhivat not necessarily. Will with what pester the experts in this matter. And you can also get attached to them with a request to help throw the fishing rod, a couple of times waving to her and catching a hook for the nearest bushes.

    That’s just makeup for fishing can not be applied in any case! Not that the helpers will suspect the wrong and throw the newly-made fisherman to the mercy of fate. Well, if without make-up we feel like a cyanotic corpse, then we’ll lie on the beach, pretending to be sunbathing. However, in this case, to find an excuse to talk with a fan of fishing will be more difficult.

  5. the Internet

    Dating in the network is usually skeptical. That’s kind of starting to correspond with an imposing man or a cute young man. And on the other side of the monitor sits a bored teenager or an entertaining elderly lady. But even if this is quite a suitable for us the age of the gentleman and he appointed a meeting, then come to her can fussy bitch, unable to pay for the girl, even in the tram. Or slovenly fan of devouring, who always walks in greasy trousers. Or … In a word, some misunderstanding.

    But! In addition to such sub-agents on dating sites there are also quite worthy people. You just need not set out to find a husband there. To begin with, just an interesting interlocutor. Intelligent compatibility is already something. A man will not be suitable for a family union, so at least it will be another! But in general, it’s better to look for a couple on thematic forums and blogs. It is unlikely that there rubs those who need a girlfriend for one night.

  6. Courses or studies

    This is a traditional place to find a good husband. It is unlikely that an amateur looking in a bottle is going to study foreign languages ​​or ballroom dances. Do not go there and skuperdyay, considering every penny. For such things money and time to spend should be honored except that a man who is striving for self-development. This already causes respect.

    No, of course, he can be an outlandish egoist or a narcissistic turkey. But you can not hide such character traits! At least, a sensible woman will notice them after several meetings. The main thing is not to look at the man through rose-colored glasses. We are looking for someone who will make our life more comfortable, not gray hair on your head!

  7. Events of different kinds

    All kinds of exhibitions, festivals, presentations, conferences and other similar gatherings are just Klondike for the search for a life partner. There are bachelors of all ages and categories, ranging from bohemian creations not from this world to the overly enterprising devotees of the “Yellow Devil.” Neither bohemian creatures, nor devotees of the “yellow devil” are not suitable for the role of a high-quality family man.

    The first to the light bulb problems are close, the second will be above the gold wither and keep both the wife and children in a black body. Therefore, the best option for choosing a potential groom in this case is the middle between those and these. That is, it should be a person, enthusiastic, moderately romantic, but at the same businesslike, capable of thinking about the comfort of the family.

Search for someone who can be a wonderful spouse and a good father, you can through friends and acquaintances, at work and even in nightclubs. There is an opinion that in such institutions only different kinds of burning are hanging out. This is not quite true. There are clubs in which a rather decent audience gathers.

That is, progressive, creative, sensible people, while resting and discussing some pressing issues. In order to get into this kind of society, you just need to choose the right institution.

Well, well, we are more or less determined where the worthy titles of the husband are bachelors. But by what criteria to determine if the gentleman is suitable for family life or is it better to look for someone better?

signs of a good husband

Signs that a man can become a wonderful husband

We often fall into the trap, focusing on choosing a life partner only for one’s own feelings. No doubt, any girl wants to marry a loved one. But, alas, the reality proves that marriages for love are rarely successful and strong. Because when emotions are raging, the mind is silent. And we simply ignore the alarming signs that a person is not suitable for family life.

It is understandable. In the euphoria of falling in love, you do not want to darken your condition with a pragmatic approach to the qualities of a partner. But if we really intend to create a completely prosperous alliance, if you want, you do not want to, and let the rose-colored glasses with difficulty, but you’ll have to take off. So that you can not eat your elbows, regretting your own frivolity and short-sightedness.

So, what are the main signs that a man can become a good husband?

  1. Sincerity

    If the chevalier in a conversation tries to avoid discussing some personal issues and prefers to talk as little as possible about himself, one must be alert. It may very well be that after the wedding there will be not entirely pleasant circumstances concerning his past, present and future plans. Well, the past is like the past. In life, everything happens, and people often change for the better.

    But the present and future plans may be completely unacceptable for us. Therefore, a person should be open, not concealing what is in his soul and on his mind. Such frankness testifies to trust, which is a good basis for creating a serious relationship.

  2. Reliability

    Often we fall head over heels in the boys, whose behavior is similar to the wind. You never know which way your beloved will go and what he will throw out. Is it worth saying that for family life this fact – that the knife in its core? A husband who can not be trusted in anything can not be a support. Although as a defense, it sometimes comes up.

    But how to feel completely safe without a firmament under your feet? When there is an unstable, unpredictable, even a very decent person next to you, how can you rely on him? Is it possible to be sure that in such a difficult husband there will always be support? Of course not. So, first check the gentleman for reliability, and then we are already thinking about marriage with him.

  3. Listening skills

    In principle, this quality must have both a man and a woman. In a family life without the ability to listen and hear each other is indispensable. No, in superficial discussions on general topics, it is sometimes possible not to delve into each word. If the issue under discussion is not so important, it is not necessary to pay all of its attention to it. But when talking about things that are significant – about what’s worrying, frustrating, or, on the contrary, gives pleasure – then each of the spouses should listen to their mate.

    Otherwise, they can not achieve mutual understanding. And if at the very beginning of the relationship there are signs that the guy does not listen to our statements about personal experiences, we need to be alert. It is likely that he will also be deaf to discussing some family problems.

  4. Ability to argue

    Often, choosing a husband, we want to see in the chosen person a person with whom in the future there will never be disagreements. This is an incorrect approach to marriage. Disagreements are an integral part of the normal coexistence of two people. After all, they are the ones that allow us to find the optimal solution to a particular problem. The dispute is the father of truth. But he must be honest and fair.

    If the guy during the discussion is furious and may even insult, these are bad signs. Because in marriage, for sure he will become a scandal in the occurrence of any ambiguous situation. In order to become a good husband, a young man should be able to discuss contentious issues without much fervor and transition to personalities. Only in this case it will be possible to always come to a compromise and save the marriage, despite all the life troubles.

  5. Activity in the development of relations

    This means that the guy should strive to take care of the young lady, help her make some decisions, work with the girl to plan something, to be interested in her problems. Unfortunately, today there are many men who hold a passive position in such matters.

    They either wait, when all the gordian knots are broken by a friend, or they let everything go by themselves. It is rather difficult to live with such a person. If, of course, we do not intend to be the head of the family. Because he is unlikely to bear responsibility for loved ones. In any case, try to stay away from her, pushing the lion’s share of obligations on his wife’s shoulders.

You can still argue for a long time about what should be the signs of who from bachelors in the future will become a good husband. However, there is in all this one significant nuance. Some generally good guys just do not have an idea about the requirements of marriage.

They relate to family life, based on the extensive concepts of it. There are even young people who are sure that marriage should not change anything in their life. And when it does change, or do not know how to behave, or try to get rid of this unexpected state.

And get rid of in different ways. Someone goes into a spree, and someone generally escapes from the family. Therefore, the task of the girl who says to herself: “I want a good husband!”, Not so much to find it, how many to mold for myself. What is the essence of creating a life partner?

what should be a good husband

How to make a man of the best husband

To a husband was really good, it’s not enough to have a suitable groom for this role. Even the best workpiece can make an ugly defective product. And with men. If you do not own the art of correct influence on them, the probability is high that a person will begin to resist, even destroying himself. Of course, there is no need to speak about any favorable atmosphere in the family.

What is this art of influence on the spouse? First of all, in understanding of when it is necessary to exercise firmness, and when it is necessary to make concessions to it. And how you need to convince your husband something. Someone needs a strong perseverance from the woman, and someone – a soft, at times compassionate approach.

The ambition of a man must be able to warm up, simultaneously developing in him respect for himself, and not destroy. And then he will certainly want to become better and make every effort. A close, hysterical, quarrelsome wife will never achieve such an effect.

In a word, a good husband should not be sought, but done. He – not a gift of fate, but the result of painstaking work of his half. Only this work should be such that the loved one does not even know about it. Let him save his face, delicately altering in his own way certain qualities and tactfully directing him to the desired path of development. Let him think that he makes the right decisions. And then the man, in the end, will really learn to accept them.

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What to do with the first sex

what to do with the first sex


  • How to prepare for the first sex
  • Features of the first sex girl

Well, the first kiss with the guy was far behind and now it’s clear to both of them – it’s time for much more. That is, it’s time to move on to a closer intimate relationship. For women who already have experience of sexual life, this is not a special problem. They know what and how to do. But chaste girls before the first sex usually begin to panic. They absolutely do not know how to behave and what to do, so that everything will pass if it’s not excellent, then at least it’s good. Girlfriends, whose first sex has already happened, can not give sensible instructions.

Someone says that it was very painful, and someone – which is quite nice. At some girls deflowing passed without difficulties and very quickly, at others in general for a long time nothing came out. In short, all the loss of virginity took place in different ways. Therefore, it is impossible to give friendly and efficient advice to friends and acquaintances. And what should I do? After defloration – a very important event in the life of any girl who can both open up to her all the delights of sexual life, and destroy the attraction to her. How can we make it so that the moments of the first sex set the most pleasant memories for life?

first sex what to do

How to prepare for the first sex

When a girl is going to enter into the first intimate relationship, her original task is to think about the safety of sex. Well, if the guy is experienced and take care of it himself. And if not? So it’s better not to rely on him and buy contraceptives, the best option is a condom. Someone will say that this is an unromantic approach to such an event. Maybe it is not quite romantic, but necessary. Hardly a pregnancy after the first night someone will please. And this happens all the time. So it’s better to hedge.

Nuances of the first sexual intercourse, of course, it is better to immediately discuss with a guy. Perhaps, such conversations with him have not been conducted yet. But this time there is nothing to do, we will have to decide on such a frank conversation. And not only to discuss the method of protection. The young man needs to be explained that he needs to behave extremely affectionately, attentively and patiently. After all, the first intimate contact for a girl is the basis for the further development of her sexuality. And if the partner will do everything rudely and carelessly, the development time of this either slows down, or never happens at all. It’s great if the guy realizes it. But this does not always happen. Therefore, it is desirable to talk with a young man sincerely. Otherwise, the first night can leave very unpleasant memories.

Before you go to this decisive meeting with a guy, you need to give yourself time and try to calm down and calm fear of the appearance of some strong pain. In fact, the majority of girls defloration is not so painful. Overly noticeable discomfort appears just then, if there is excessive fear and uncontrollable excitement. When a young lady at least remotely imagines what to do with the loss of virginity, she waits for this event with joy and gives herself to the boy without any fear, there should be no special pain.

It occurs usually in the case when the muscles of the vagina are strongly compressed. It happens if a girl is very afraid of defloration or is completely unprepared for it. Therefore, you need to try to forget about the fear and focus on your feelings for the partner and the thought that sex is beautiful. Does not work? If so, there is nothing to do. We need to give ourselves time and postpone the moment of the first intimate affinity for a later period.

In order for the first sexual act to leave a delightful memories, you need to think about the conditions in which it takes place. For everything to pass without significant disruptions, the atmosphere around what is happening should be romantic, peaceful and relaxing. It is best to choose for this a secluded cozy room with a comfortable bed. It is advisable to pre-pick up beautiful bedding, buy candles, prepare a disc with tender romantic music. No, the first sex can happen in other circumstances. But in it, after all, slowness and psychological comfort are important. In a tense, uncomfortable situation, both are excluded. And the first sex was hastily and somehow able to provoke an aversion to intima in the future. Why risk your own future like this?

Of course, for the first night’s time to be really delicious, the only romantic atmosphere is not enough. It is necessary that the sexual act itself should be as comfortable and easy as possible. What for this it is necessary to do?

what to do during sex

Features of the first sex girl

What should I do before the first sex? Of course, everything should start with kisses and caresses, which should excite both partners. Especially in this requires a girl whose vagina requires a lubricant to facilitate defloration. However, during the first sex of her, even after a prelude that took a long time, usually stands out a little. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase an artificial water-based lubricant for a condom. If a young man does not use a condom (which is undesirable), you can treat the head of his penis with Vaseline. Then he will enter the vagina gently and easily.

As we have already said, the rupture of the hymen can be quite painful. It happens most often when a girl is overly stressed or ill-prepared by an inept partner. Sometimes the pain appears due to the physiological characteristics of the young lady – excessive density of the hymen and poor plasticity of the muscles of the vagina. And if the introduction of a member becomes intolerable, it will be better not to do a complete defloration, but wait a while. At the second-third sexual certificate or act the aperture in a plum gradually will increase, and the penis will enter into a vagina without essential difficulties. Well, for now, to get pleasure from the first sexual intercourse, let them bring mutual caresses.

In general, in order to reduce the likelihood of unpleasant sensations from rupture of the hymen, it is necessary to choose the position facilitating this break. The most appropriate option is the pose when the girl lies across the bed on her back, her legs are spread out and lowered to the floor. The young man stands over the partner, leaning on his hands, and slowly drives the penis into the vagina. If the young lady will work with vaginal muscles, defloration will occur quickly and without particularly unpleasant sensations.

Do not expect from the first sex of an indispensable orgasm. There are, of course, such cases, but they are quite rare. Actually, this fact is not surprising, because this is a great event in the life of the girl. The expectation of it in any case is accompanied by physical and psychological stress, in which it is difficult to reach the highest peak of pleasure. In fact, the purpose of the girl on the first night with a man is to open the door to the world of eroticism. And it will be very good, if you open it will be an experienced and caring partner. That is, a man who does not need to be taught, how to behave and what to do. Such a guy will be careful, neat and skillful. He will not rush time, will be able to deliver the girl a maximum of pleasure and tell her what and how to properly do.

If the first intimacy occurs with the beloved, who is also a virgin himself, then both the young man and the girl should be especially affectionate. It is very likely that at first nothing will come out. Nothing wrong. The main thing is to stop embarrassing each other and feel all the charm of the unification of naked bodies. In a time when partners to this unity will get used to it a little physiologically and psychologically, everything will happen by itself.

Generally, it is better to give virginity to someone you already know well. And it is desirable to plan this event in advance. Otherwise, then there may be a feeling of disappointment, accompanied by regret for a frivolous act. However, disappointment after the first night, even with a loved one – a normal phenomenon. Because you are waiting for something supernatural, but it does not happen. It’s okay, the body will adapt to its new state and begin responding to intimate caresses as it should. The main thing is not to rush time, let your libido develop and declare yourself a passionate desire and orgasm. And then it will be possible to do everything that pleases.

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Compatibility of the sexes

Compatibility of the sexes

Undoubtedly, everyone in this world is looking for love, and when it seems that he has found her, the question arises, but how to understand that this is really your man? There are many ways to understand this, let’s consider one of them.

Compatibility with names and signs of the zodiac

The sign of the zodiac and the secret of your name are strongly interrelated. Their interlacing solves your destiny, including they can influence the development of relationships with other people. If you master this knowledge and apply it properly, they will help you develop harmonious relationships, find love and happiness, meet loyal friends.


When composing a horoscope of an individual or a pair, it is also best to take into account names, this will allow you to understand the essence of relationships at a deeper level and find ways to a happy marriage. To determine the compatibility of names, each letter of our name is important, since it has a unique sound. Each letter of the name carries a hidden meaning and corresponds numerically to one of the nine planets of our solar system. The total number of letters allows you to determine the field of activity in which a person is particularly talented, will tell about how relationships develop with people, friends, beloved. Negative aspects of character are also revealed according to the total number of letters.

Zodiac signs

In addition to the name of our destiny, the zodiac signs have a huge impact, and then a horoscope comes to our aid. Horoscopes are known to mankind for more than one thousand years, and what we see now is the result of the long and laborious work of many generations. Each constellation is able to endow his chosen one not only with certain traits of character, but also with destiny. The light of stars influences our development and behavior not only during the conception period, but also in all subsequent life of the person. Therefore, the compatibility of the signs of the zodiac has a great influence on how the couple’s relations are formed. A comprehensive analysis of the compatibility of the names and signs of the zodiac gives the greatest guarantee of obtaining reliable data on the development of your future relationship.


And for those who have not yet found their companion, mantras for attracting love will help. Mantras are considered meditative techniques, so choose a quiet, quiet place, light the candles, sit comfortably, your back is straight, your eyes are closed and listen to your sensations, catch the invisible vibrations of your heart, your head is completely empty. And chant the mantras to attract love.

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The art of seduction of men

art of seduction


  • What is the art of seduction
  • Secrets of the art of seduction of men

The art of seduction and seduction of men is an extremely powerful tool in dealing with a strong gender. Comprehended by its nuances, the woman seems to have in her hands a magic wand that fulfills almost every desire of her. And no matter how beautiful she is. The main thing is to use this wand skillfully when it is required. Actually, and when it is not required – too. In the end, it is necessary to improve mastery! So how do you get it, this magic wand?

What is the art of seduction

At once we will specify – seduction and seduction are not quite the same thing. Although the dictionaries interpret these two terms as synonyms, they mean, however, they have somewhat different purposes. Seduction is a way to drag a man into a bunk. Well, or at least make him dream about it. Seduction is primarily intended to encourage a man to act in accordance with a woman’s goal. Of course, such actions can be of an erotic nature. But in general, the art of seduction, in contrast to simple seduction, is aimed at making someone strong-willed become manageable. And what is there from it in the future will be needed, the question is individual.

So, with seduction and seduction, we decided. And where can you seduce men? At discos, in clubs, bars, restaurants? I must say that it is permissible to use the techniques of this piquant art almost everywhere – in public transport, on the street, at work, when talking with the boss or potential employer …. After all, the skill of seduction is a great thing, allowing young ladies to get almost everything they want from men. And the representatives of the opposite sex themselves treat him very, very favorably and do not mind at all if they are almost twenty-four hours a day. Therefore, we use our skill to deceive you when you want. There is nothing indecent about this.

In general, it is possible to turn the heads of men to achieve short-term goals, and to maintain relations in the future, and even just in case. It is always pleasant to realize that there is someone ready at any moment to respond with joy to your call. Male disposition is a wonderful thing! Here you have some help, and the ability to listen to whining and tearing away, and a willingness to caress, if necessary. What is not the anchor of salvation for all occasions? The fact that such a man can easily be married, and not worth talking about.

Well, well, someone will say! The fact that the art of seduction and seduction is a magical box is understandable. But what is it, in the end, is this art? That’s a great question. Let’s move on.

art of seduction of men

Secrets of the art of seduction of men

What is the purpose of seduction? In that the man began to look at us with admiring eyes and was ready to fulfill any request. So? So. How can this be done? To begin with, we will show him the most sincere disposition. That is, we let the interlocutor understand that we first met such an amazing man with truly masculine qualities and are simply amazed by his perfection. To do this, you first have to look a couple of minutes a man in the eye with surprise and joy. Then look at the moment seemingly perplexed to the side and look again at the man. Only this time he should express tenderness, delight, kindness and desire for communication. Add a little more cunning and shyness, and a seductive look is ready.

Of course, just looking at the stunning impact on the young man will not be enough. We connect to him a friendly smile and quickened breathing, as if it is a sign of great excitement. The expression of the face must be somewhat embarrassed and even bewildered. Say, such an amazing meeting was completely unexpected! Already did not believe in the existence of such men. And here – on you …

In conversation with the subject of seduction, it is also necessary to be heartfelt and joyful, making it clear that, from our point of view, it is unique. At the same time, one should hint at its merits from time to time. It is possible, as it were, to notice in passing that the man has amazing eyes, a radiant smile, excellent taste, good knowledge in some sphere, and so on. It is necessary to do this as sincerely and naturally as possible, choosing the merits that a person really has. Blatant flattery attracts few of the men, because it immediately causes suspicion. Like, this coquettish sublimation obviously needs something, so it’s better to stay away from it.

Seduction of men, of course, necessarily includes a demonstration by the lady of her own pluses. Eyes, voice, smile – all this is wonderful. However, the young man must realize that we deserve the closest attention. Hence, we must give him the opportunity to examine himself from all sides. It should be done carefully and very organically. A visual attack might look something like this. Gracefully we pass before the man, we turn, then we come closer and sit gracefully. It is advisable at the same time to throw a leg over his leg, and after a while change their places. We twist the head, straighten the hair and breathe deeply and unevenly, so that the chest rises and falls.

Talking with a young man, do not go on serious topics. It’s better to twitter about something funny and enjoyable for the interlocutor. But it should be remembered that phrases should not be extremely stupid. The blatant stupidity of a woman usually has a repulsive effect on men. The voice must be made as intimate, penetrating, warm as possible. While communicating, we smile, we marvel and laugh at the place, including in the dialogue expressions like: “I’ve never met such an interesting conversationalist!”. Well, or something similar, containing admiration and praise. But just remember – you can not go too far! This usually immediately kills all the men’s interest in a woman.

In conversation, as if accidentally leaning (it is desirable that the clothes were from the decollete), we accept poses, in which the feminine shapes of the figure are clearly seen, from time to time we look away. Such tricks will add to the image of seduction and will work as an additional means of influencing the man. Strengthen this influence will help a delicate smell of perfume. To a young man felt the fragrance, a little closer to him or defile with him.

A very powerful factor in the art of seduction is light touch. You can touch the man with your hand or make a hair curl seemingly accidentally slid over his face. It is even possible, if the situation is appropriate, as if accidentally cuddling up to the interlocutor or lean on his shoulder. It’s great to sit next to a young man and touch his hip. Tactile contact incredibly brings people together and extremely bribes men.

Well, perhaps, and all the main secrets of the art of seduction of men. The main thing is that in the actions of the woman there was no obsessive sexuality, no licentiousness, no impudence – a strong sex of this can not stand. And then she will be able to quickly get the attention of whoever she needs and will make the young man think about himself, day and night.

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How to excite a guy with words, touches and caresses?

how to excite a guy


  • How to excite a guy with words and a look
  • How to excite a guy from a distance
  • How to excite a guy before sex

How to excite a guy so that he, losing his head, and then think about someone else? You will think, you will tell, the big problem! After all, men are able to be excited from one glance at a beautiful and sexy young lady! It’s enough to look spectacular, emphasizing your exciting forms, and the question of how much to excite the guy will be solved. However, everything is not so simple. They are not so primitive, our representatives of the stronger sex, to instantly react to the explicit sexuality of the young ladies with unconditional “I want to” and, forgetting everything, to go to bed. And it is very important to understand any woman.

What excites guys most of all? Scientists have proved that the open tight clothes and emancipation of the girl in the relationship – do not always work. Why? Yes, because the sexiest organ of our men is the brain. It is the brain, and not at all what the inexperienced in the seduction of the girl’s girls usually expect. And if he does not find anything interesting for himself in the young person, no Kama Sutras, no – even the most unthinkable – caresses, will not work. So how to excite a guy whose intelligence is quite capable of suppressing animal instincts?

How to excite a guy with words and a look?

In order to excite a person capable of thinking, first of all you need to find the key to his inner world. Well, let’s imagine that without having an idea of ​​how a person lives, we rush to seduce him in the most common ways. And at this time he thinks about a broken car or about troubles at work. How can you excite a guy in this case, if we do not know anything about his inner state? Yes, nothing. In the best case, he simply will not notice our attempts at seduction, at worst – get angry or offended.

Therefore, before thinking about what to do to excite a guy, we should try to interest him, hitting the young man’s imagination. The most effective way to achieve this goal is communication, in which there are always phrases that stir up guys who are concerned not only with sex. This method of communication is very effective, because to excite a guy with words can be faster and stronger than even some masterly ways of seduction.

Here, for example, we are with your loved one somewhere in a secluded corner or car, and really want to show him your affection and do something well, very nice! What to do to excite a guy in this case? You can, of course, touch your lips to the neck of a young man or take some other, more frank and persevering action. However, a much larger result will be obtained if we just whisper something very tender, romantic and intimate in the ear of our companion. And the words must be sincere and appropriate. Otherwise, the guy can catch falsehood and be on the alert or not hear what we whisper to him at all.

In order to know how to excite a guy with words, you need to be well aware of exactly what words will affect him. You can pick them up only when the person is already more or less familiar. To solve this problem helps the imagination and knowledge, even general, of the young man’s preferences and inclinations. Do not think that all men are delighted with the straightforward phrases. No, they, of course, like someone. But these men are not so many. Most of the phrases, exciting guys, there must be some understatement and mystery. That seems to be yes, but it seems to be not. Such expressions arouse the interest of the young man and an almost irresistible desire to get close to the young lady as quickly as possible and stronger. No man consciously will not miss his own!

In order to understand what words you can excite a guy, we must remember that our men are very fond of when they are praised. Well, this is the people – praise grants their self-esteem and raises self-esteem. And if we start complimenting even the coolest macho, sooner or later he will not stand before us. Only it is necessary to do this very naturally, not in any way overplaying and not inventing the qualities that do not exist in a person. For example, in no case should a small and puny boy say that he is tall and strong, and shy – that he is very pleasant in communication. This is not compliments, but caustic remarks! And obviously after them in bed you will have at least something. After all, the guy will not be excited, but offended.

Situations for the behavior in which the guy can be praised, a great many. It’s enough just to listen carefully to what he tells about, noticing his unusual and interesting deeds. Find the strengths of men – and you will understand how to excite a guy with words – compliments. Then even the most seemingly ordinary conversation may well be the beginning of a serious relationship.

how to excite a guy

How to excite a guy from a distance?

One of the first places in deciding how to excite a guy at arm’s length, takes a look. Seducing a young man, looking at him in a certain way, you can in the bar, at the disco, on the street. For this, it’s enough for a girl to keep her eye on the guy for a while, and when he finally sees it, immediately turn his eyes away. This game glares the men, and they usually react swiftly to the young lady, trying to get to know her. Congratulations, you have achieved your goal.

However, sometimes the distance to the object of desire is much greater than an elongated hand. In order to excite a guy, it is not necessary to be in a zone of fairly close contact with him. Today, there are many other ways of seducing a young man who, if skillfully used, are no less effective than touching. Let’s see what are the ways.

Thanks to today’s benefits of civilization, we can try to excite guys in both real and virtual communication, seducing young people via the Internet or phone. How to excite a guy from a distance, communicating with him in ICQ, Skype, by correspondence through e-mail. The scheme of action in this case is similar to that of which we spoke above. The main thing is to find the appropriate phrases. Only with virtual communication they should be more frank. After all, a young man will read them, and not listen, and, therefore, will not be affected by the girl’s mesmerizing intonation. But even in this case, he can be excited very quickly!

But he can get under this influence in a telephone conversation with her. How to do this on the phone? Talking with him, one should occasionally insert compliments and frivolous phrases, trying to make the voice seductive and sexy. The most emancipated ladies, who know how to arouse guys on the phone, can even afford to imitate sexual contact, inserting into the spicy dialogue of moaning and intermittent sighs. Something, and sex on the phone these days is very popular and it gives a lot of pleasure to both interlocutors. Exciting phrases can quickly create real miracles!

how to excite a guy in 5 minutes

How to excite a guy before sex?

Well, – how to excite guys at a distance, we already talked, now, – a few words about what to do before sex. It would seem that there is no point in discussing this issue. The guy, ready for sexual contact, already and so must be excited, nowhere else! Not always, dear girls, not always … Not always the moral “I want” coincides with the physical “I can.”

It happens that a young man with all his heart wants an intimate affinity with a young lady, but the body for some reason does not submit to the soul. There are quite a few reasons for this state of affairs: physical fatigue, nervous overstrain, stresses, some kind of subconscious inhibitions, unusual surroundings, restraint, finally! The girl in these cases should be very tactful, attentive and have an idea how to excite a guy before sex, if he is located to him, but still not yet in full combat readiness. And then you’ll be fine in bed.

First of all, the lady should take into account that the true essence of intimacy is not in banal copulation, but in a complex of partners’ touching each other. Few can get full pleasure from sex in its pure form, sex without preliminary preparation and accompanying caresses. How can you easily excite guys before the partners’ bodies are connected? Very cool, when a girl does a young man in bed relaxing sensual massage. Especially effective, in this case, is tantric massage with stroking the tenderest parts of the body of a man.

During massage it is desirable to lightly knead the neck of a young man, stroke and slightly twitch his hair and skin on his chest. Only you do not have to tug very much! Not that there is a risk of forever losing the opportunity to have sex with a guy. Well, and finally, when doing massage to a guy, you should not forget about his most erogenous zone – a place in the lower abdomen, or, more simply, a penis. To pull it, of course, is not worth it, but gently stroking or caressing the tongue – it’s even worth it, even for a few minutes. Neglecting caresses is the right way to failure.

What is the most exciting guy usually? That’s right, blowjob. Shy or not able? Imagine that a member of a beloved young man is, for example, ice cream or a banana, and everything will be fine. There is nothing special about this, for the penis is as much a part of the body as a hand or neck. We kiss them freely? So why should a member be deprived of such affection? And to learn such caresses it would be necessary, as stronger to excite the guy nothing else can. For a start, you can try caresses with your hands – be guided by your feelings, and you will do everything right. And remember – in bed everything that is pleasant to both partners is acceptable.

Trying to excite a guy before sex, the girl should communicate with him, figuring out how he relates to this or that kind of caresses. After all, all people are different, and the fact that one man comes to indescribable delight, another can not categorically like. And then all our efforts will be destroyed. Therefore, even with caresses, it is necessary to approach the man very carefully. Spend just a few minutes a day – and you very quickly learn your favorite person.


So, what have we found out right now? And we found out that you can excite your beloved boy in many ways, the most common among which are:

  • Excitation of a man by touching;
  • Excitement of a man with a look, gestures;
  • Excitement of a man by phone;
  • Excitement of a man through correspondence on the Internet.

These methods of stimulation of the guys more than enough to easily achieve the desired and be with a man in bed. The main thing – a girl should like what she does, otherwise none of the techniques, no matter how hard the young lady tried, will not work. No, of course, you can not excel and use the most primitive ways of seduction – causing nakedness, unambiguous gestures and so on. But primitive bait and fish are primitive. And we would like to catch a large and special fish! And even if it takes more time!

Well, now we have an idea of ​​what to do in order to excite the guys. A few decades ago, girls could only dream of such activity in relation to men and independent choice of guys. The current ladies are given complete freedom of action. The main thing is to know how to correctly act in this or that situation. Today, the girls themselves can manage relationships with the guys and get acquainted with them, if there is a need.

Without a doubt, many of them do not need to study any methods of seducing men – they are not deprived of attention from the stronger sex. Someone has to wait for young people to get acquainted, and this expectation can last quite a long time. So is not it better than to waste time in the hope of such an acquaintance, to decide on active action? So what, that does not immediately turn out as you want! Experiments with the opposite sex has not been canceled yet. And why is it for men to practice them, but we do not?

Of course, do not flirt with the questions of exciting guys to girls. The person behind whom the endless trail of sexual relations stretches, significantly reduces his chances of tightly tying to himself someone who will become especially attractive to her. However, even in a completely inexperienced girl in these matters, there is a great risk of losing the possibility of serious relationships with someone who suits her and likes it.

It’s only in fairy tales that courageous knights persistently reach out to the hand of their lady, despite her coldness. In fact, even the most brave knight can accept the coldness for indifference and leave the “beautiful lady” alone. Will this happen to us? Of course not! Therefore, we try not to miss the knight, admiring and exciting him at every opportunity. You can not miss the time! And then we will certainly be able to catch our own happiness and keep our beloved boy in our hands.

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The benefits of sex for the health and mental well-being of women

the benefits of sexContent:

  • Double “bonus”: nice and useful
  • A full life, full sex

Of course, sex is great; but do you know that an active sex life can significantly improve our health? If you ask experts, they will name a lot of examples, from which it becomes obvious the benefits of sex for all women. In what exactly is this expressed?

Double “bonus”: nice and useful

The benefits of sex go far beyond the bedroom. It turns out that it is so multifaceted that we can not even always imagine it. We women have much in common: we like to enjoy ourselves with various desserts, we adore sales in our favorite store, and we all would not mind looking and feeling younger and healthier.

Many of us are so absorbed in improving our appearance that we invest a fortune in stocks placed on the shelves of our dressing table and in the bathroom, as well as visiting gyms, doctors, nutritionists, healers … But all we need to find wonderful tools that will give us a smooth skin, healthy shiny hair, relief from pain and just generally make us feel amazing – it’s just to have regular sex!

Yes this is true. The use of sex for the health and preservation of the youth of men and men is scientifically proven. We will give several examples where not only pleasure, but also the benefits of sex for a woman can be very weighty:

  1. Sex helps to lose weight

    Of course, do not neglect the exercises in the gym; if you regularly practice, for example, on a treadmill, then do it. But do not forget that sex is also considered a good physical activity! Occupations of love burn from 70 to 150 calories in half an hour. This is comparable to other physical activities, such as yoga (114 calories per half hour), dancing (129 calories) or fast walking (153 calories). And you get an additional bonus: sex will help your muscles stay in good tonight . Sexual arousal and orgasm release the hormone testosterone, which is necessary for the creation and maintenance of bone and muscle tissue of a woman.

  2. Sex will help to keep your heart healthy

    By the way, if we talk about the benefits of sex, then the strengthening and recovery of the cardiovascular system should be mentioned among the first. You probably know that heart disease has become today the number one killer. Healthy eating and maintaining a low level of cholesterol in the blood – the shortest path to a healthy heart. And sex is a load that increases the heart rate and the strength of the blood flow by training the heart muscle and blood vessels. Specialists have determined that having sex two or more times a week reduces the risk of a heart attack by half.

  3. Sex improves night sleep

    What do you do if you can not sleep? If tea from a camomile and any other means on you any more do not operate or work, sex can help or assist you. Especially if you have problems with sleeping because of an increased sense of anxiety or because of stress. Deep relaxation, which usually follows after an orgasm in a woman, helps to fall asleep quickly and hard. Many people say that after a loving satisfaction, their sleep is deeper and more refreshing.

  4. Sex is able to strengthen your immune system

    For all our concern about the possible attack of influenza viruses and colds, dealing with them can be a waste of time. Surprisingly, the “activities” that you will spend in the bedroom can be much more effective, because they can significantly increase your immunity!

    American immunologists say that people who have sex once or twice a week show a 30 percent higher level of antibodies to immunoglobulin A, which is known to strengthen the human immune system. Thus, create a ritual for yourself in the cold season: first, wash your hands more often to remove microbes from them, and secondly, more often appoint your husband romantic dates in the bedroom.

  5. Sex can improve your mental health

    What is the fastest way to improve mood, to overcome depression and kill unreasonable anxiety? The answer is simple: having sex. Of course, now we mean the serious relationship between people who love each other. Intimacy helps to lower the level of cortisol (a hormone that is involved in the development of stress), thereby reducing the likelihood of increased blood pressure, acid level of gastric juice and the occurrence of hyperglycemia.

    Sex relieves stress and reduces depression, and especially quickly it happens in women. But stress is a killer for both sexes. Talking about the benefits of sex in the fight against stress and depression, we mention this as a scientifically proven fact. Ejaculation man helps to develop in their brain chemicals that allow him to experience a sense of happiness. And for women who take in the sperm of men, the semen works as a natural antidepressant and helps to get rid of stress. People who are depressed, usually have very little sex. This is a trap, do not fall into it!

  6. Sex can relieve pain

    Hurry to change the phrase “No, dear, not today! My head really hurts “at this:” Darling, come on today? And then my head ached! “The doctors explain that there is a real connection between sex and getting rid of the pain. As a result of sexual arousal and orgasm, the hormone oxytocin is produced in the body, which in turn leads to the release of endorphins. The latter have a chemical structure similar to morphine, and are natural

    Thus, sex acts as a powerful analgesic. And you can easily and quickly get rid of the pain without having to resort to a pharmacy and spend a lot of money on expensive drugs. Why, when is there a more accessible and enjoyable way to get rid of the pain?

    benefit from sex

  7. Sex will help to solve the problem with the bladder, often found in women

    This may sound strange, but experts say that making love really can minimize incontinence. Specialists have long recommended that women do Kegel exercises (stresses of the pelvic floor muscles), not only during the day and during urination, but also during sex.

    These exercises will not only help to enhance pleasure, but also strengthen the muscles, the lethargy of which contributes to urinary incontinence. Sex itself also strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor. Therefore, use this pleasant and useful lesson to solve your problem.

  8. Sex will give you healthy skin

    Can sex make a woman more young and beautiful? Do not even hesitate! During sex, your body produces a hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone, which not only can strengthen your immunity and reduce depression, but also triggers processes that make your skin rejuvenate and literally blossom. So is it worth it to spend money on expensive creams, if everything you need is in your own body? You just need to help him!

  9. Sex reduces the risk of breast cancer in women who have never given birth

    Studies have shown that the more a woman increases the frequency of sex, the more she reduces the risk of developing this terrible disease.

  10. Sex helps to get distracted from problems and feel happy

    He raises mood, increases optimism and positive perception of life. Of course, sex can not cure your problems, but it can change your attitude towards them. And from where only women who often engage in “dances” in the horizontal plane of women are taken to solve many tasks ?!

  11. Sex and the subsequent orgasm can replace you with many medications in the medicine cabinet

    We have already said that sex can save you from headaches and protect you from colds and flu. And he can ease the stuffiness of the nose, because it can be called a natural antihistamine. Sex can even help in the fight against hay fever and asthma. After you are frolic under the blanket, hormonal release provokes the formation of new neurons in that part of the brain that is responsible for the sense of smell, and you begin to smell better. In general, after sex all your senses are strengthened, including the activation of taste buds.

    Sex can also help protect your teeth. This is provided, if a woman takes in the sperm of a man. It contains minerals such as zinc and calcium, which slow down tooth decay. A selenium – a component, also present in the semen – can serve as a defense against cancer.

  12. Sex can be literally for you a fountain of youth!

    To prolong your life and increase your vital energy, you have to engage in a lot of intimacy. Of course, this is especially true for men. Guys who experience the culmination of sex twice a week, reduce the probability of mortality by fifty percent compared to those who have an orgasm once a month. But women should not forget about the benefits of sex in prolonging their life.

  13. Sex leads to the fact that menstruation becomes more regular and less painful

    This is possible due to the fact that during sexual intercourse and when orgasm comes, blood stasis is prevented in the organs located in the pelvic region. Women who rarely engage in intimacy, too often become patients gynecological departments of hospitals.

  14. Sex increases trust between partners and enhances the feeling of love

    The closeness between a man and a woman is improved as they study the bodies and desires of each other. With regular sexual contacts, the libido increases both men and women – the more often you make love, the more often you will have sexual desire.

After successful completion of the act in the body of both the release of the “hormone of happiness” – oxytocin. This not only causes them euphoria, but also increases the desire to touch each other, hug. Oxytocin, which is produced by the pituitary gland, can also be called a hormone of love and affection. The higher the level of oxytocin in a woman, the more she feels the care of the partner and the emotional connection with him, becoming in response more caring and loving towards him. And the stronger the affection of lovers.

For many people, the feeling that they are loved leads to an increase in self-esteem and self-confidence. When you are all right in bed, then everything is in order with you and in other aspects of life. Therefore, make love to health, to always feel good. The main thing is that there should be a desire, which depends, first of all, on the period of the menstrual cycle. “Guilty” in this are all the same hormones. By the way, some contraceptives change the hormonal background of a woman and block ovulation. That’s why many of them have a lower sexual interest in the opposite sex. In this case it is better to consult your gynecologist and change the contraceptive.

benefit sex

A full life, full sex

In childhood, many of us were told that the relationship between the sexes is something that we should stay away from, or at least never say “about it.” Sensuality is an inborn part of our being, and girls are taught to drown it out. By the time we become mature enough to start sexual relations, the thought that we should be a “good girl” is firmly rooted in our heads, and this idea gives rise to complexes and constriction. And it’s very sad, because sexual pleasure, as we found out today, gives tremendous emotional and physical support to our body.

Fortunately, it’s never too late to benefit from sex for health. And for those women who have had menopause, finally comes the happy age when you can enjoy sex without fear of becoming pregnant. And whoever you are – a young girl or a respectable lady – it’s time for you to take your own libido and see in sex is not only a source of pleasure, but also an opportunity to get health benefits!

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Unusual poses and role-playing games: sex in bed in a new way

sex in bed games


  • Variable sexual posture with “peppercorn”
  • Erotic role-playing games – surprise your man!

In this article we will tell you what are the sexual games that allow you to get the maximum pleasure from being close to both partners. Especially relevant this topic will be for those of you who have a long-standing stable relationship or a long-term happy marriage. Everyone knows that over time, any romantic and passionate feelings have the property of losing novelty, dulling, and no longer deliver those bright turbulent emotions that were peculiar to them during the beginning of intimacy.

Fortunately, if you and your partner are ready to honestly admit to each other in these changes, frankness itself will prompt an exit. And he consists in making variety in the usual sex in bed. To begin with, try new poses, even if the former options for making love have always given you satisfaction. Perhaps unfamiliar positions hitherto open in you a new depth of sensuality and give an unforgettable pleasure. To choose the most suitable variations of intimacy, look into the Kama Sutra. This “Bible of sexual games” has a truly amazing property: it never loses its relevance and is a visual aid for lovers at all times.

In addition, if you are strangers to prejudice, visit with your husband or partner a sex shop. It is not necessary to buy items, the purpose of which drives you into the paint and causes confusion. Perhaps unusual sexual underwear, a pair of handcuffs or perfumed aphrodisiac – this is exactly what will give your imagination a direction for finding new approaches that can diversify sex. And you should pay attention to the numerous costumes for role-playing games.

Every person has his own erotic fantasies. Be sure to talk on this topic with your partner, start a conversation when he is in a relaxed state after a stormy caresses in bed and ready for an intimate conversation. Do not be shy and frankly tell us about the role you would like to make love. As a rule, if there is trust in your relationships with a partner, then he will want to open up in response to your honesty. But about everything in order!

Sexy games in bed

Variable sexual posture with “peppercorn”

Today we will talk about a rather exotic sexual pose called “Dreams about a nymphet”. This position is suitable for those who prefer inventive games in bed, giving them with true selfless passion. But it will be no less interesting option for those couples who have been together for a long time and want to introduce novelty into their intimate life, making it more erotic and sensual.

Sex in the pose “Dreams about nymphetka” is able to surprise the power of orgasm even the most sophisticated in the field of love and passion of people. To have sex in this position, you need a bed with a high back. The man after the preliminary caresses lies face up this back and puts his legs on her. To make the position as comfortable as possible, soften the wooden edge with a folded coverlet.

The woman, ready to try any sexual games with her beloved, falls on him, then, leaning her back on the partner’s legs thrown to the back of the bed, gently introduces his penis into himself. Her legs, slightly bent at the knees, she pulls and puts on her beloved, who starts gently caressing her feet with her tongue. The partner, clutching the back of the bed, begins to make slow movements up and down.

The pose at first sight seems rather complicated, but this is a deceptive impression. The tension that partners experience during movement, makes it possible to strengthen the sensations of sex, and this brings extraordinary pleasure. In order to make this game more vivid in bed, the hands of a man can be tied behind his head with a belt. In this case, a woman will be able to rest her legs in his armpits and perform frictions, letting go of the headboard. With freed hands, she can caress the belly of her lover or her breasts and clit.

The described position allows you to make anal sex safer if a woman enjoys such intimate games with her beloved. This option “Dreams about nymphetka” is especially good because the partner can freely masturbate, getting a fantastic pleasure! Not less pleasure will be received and her partner, watching the actions of his girlfriend.

Sexual games of this kind can be anything. For example, if the girl is placed back to the partner, it will enable her to lean on his knees while moving. And if a man slightly spreads his legs, then in this case the woman, leaning against them, will be able to stroke his scrotum or abdomen during frictions. The singularity and attractiveness of the position itself is that it allows you to change positions, and, therefore, to receive a variety of notes of sensual pleasure.

In a word, those who like to play sexual games, in a pose “Dreams about nymphetka” will be where to clear up. True, it should be noted that this position requires some physical effort from women, but they pay off with a vengeance. In this position, the point G and the vagina are very well stimulated. As for the clitoris, it can be freely fondled by hand. All this together allows a woman to get the most powerful orgasm, which can not be forgotten.

erotic games in bed

Erotic role-playing games – surprise your man!

Do you want to revive the routine that has become routine and fall in love again? Looking for additional points of rapprochement with a partner and are looking forward to learning it from a new perspective? In these and other issues you will help role-playing games in bed. To ensure that they are successful and your affinity, like a diamond, glowed with bright colors, it is necessary to adhere to several important rules. So, what should you do if you want to get good results from intimate experiments?

  1. Try to relax as much as possible, relax and forget about embarrassment. Imagine that you are not in bed, but not in a miniature theater for two. Try on yourself the role of a debaucher or, conversely, a young virgin, a submissive slave from the “Thousand and One Nights” or a strict teacher and so on. Stiffness will not allow you to get maximum satisfaction and throw out all your emotions and feelings on the partner. Trust your fantasies, let them direct your actions, words and movements. Do not think about how it looks from the outside, the best evaluation of your game is admiration in the eyes of the partner.
  2. Do not take things in bed too seriously, but in no case do not laugh at the partner. Remember that inappropriate humor, anecdote or unrestrained laughter in a moment will dissipate the intimate atmosphere of confidence and bring to nothing all preparation. And the next time tune in to play a role-playing game, it can be very difficult. Sexual energy is like a candle flame – it fascinates and burns, but goes out from any gust of wind or draft.
  3. Of course, it is possible and even necessary to direct the actions of the partner in the right direction. But it must be done gently and delicately, without excessive pressure. Guidance and advice on how to behave at one time or another are relevant only if you play a game called “Slave and Madam” or “Teacher and Student”.
  4. When you are in bed with your loved one, get distracted from your daily problems and try to make sure that in your thoughts there is only sex and everything related to it. If you allow yourself to think about the menu for the upcoming week, begin to sort through the plans for tomorrow, related to work, study, children and so on, then you risk not only not getting a discharge, but also disappointing your partner.

And now it’s time to describe some erotic role-playing games that are especially popular with couples who do not deny themselves the pleasure of experimenting with images of each other in bed. Most of them do not provide for complex equipment, they can be easily made on their own or bought in the store of goods for adults.

Many men do not mind giving themselves into the hands of a seductive female paramedic who will fulfill the slightest desire of a capricious “sick man.” Therefore, sex games such as “Patient and Nurse” are the favorite fantasy of most of them. Get a short white dressing gown (an ordinary man’s shirt will do), put on shoes on high heels, do not forget about seductive stockings, and hang a toy stethoscope around your neck. As methods of “treatment” you can use erotic caresses and massage, “mixture” will serve champagne with strawberries and chocolate, and entertain the “patient” try a striptease. The imaginary patient will recover and, having inflamed with passion for the caring nurse, will thank her for diligence in the most unambiguous way.

It’s no secret that some women experience a special thrill at the thought of having sex with an inexperienced schoolboy, seduce him and surrender to the mercy of inept, but demanding and searching hands. If you are one of them, ask your man to play along with you and make this fantasy a reality. No special clothes you will not need. It’s enough just for a nice dressing-gown for you and a shirt with trousers for a partner.

Play a sketch about how the young schoolboy came to additional lessons for the beauty teacher, she invited him to drink tea and inadvertently exposed her sexy breasts. Seeing genuine delight and desire in the eyes of the young man, the seductress sits down on his lap and teaches the art of a deep kiss. Let your partner’s movements at first show timidity and indecisiveness. Then the power of desire must overwhelm him, and both of you will be covered by an avalanche of irrepressible and very sensual sex. It is not necessary to go to the bedroom – let the passion overtake you in the kitchen, so it will only be more interesting and realistic.

If the proposed options do not seem attractive to you, come up with your own scenario, as ideas for sexual games to diversify intimacy in bed and beyond can not be counted. All those who are tired of making love in traditional poses and images, are quite capable of inventing something that will allow them to fly up to heaven and dissolve into them. Sex – this is the sphere where each of us expresses the depth of his sensuality through bodily pleasures. And the deeper and more multifaceted your desire to enjoy passion in all its manifestations, the more virtuosic erotic experiments in bed. Here the partners are full masters, and they can reign supreme in each other.

By giving in to love, we release ourselves from the body and soar to the heavens, feeling their presence very near. So what could be better and higher than this? Thanks to sensual erotic games in bed, two people become closer to each other not only by bodies, but by their whole essence. By the way, if you give your man the opportunity to enjoy the illusion that he does not have sex with the same partner, but with several (using a change of images and roles), the probability of his betrayal is sharply reduced.

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Porcelain Wedding Traditions

porcelain wedding


  • Customs at feast
  • Current trends
  • What should I give you, my dear man?

To mark the 20th anniversary of the wedding, as well as other anniversaries, the first began the Germanic people in the Middle Ages. On the day of the wedding, only the relatives of the newlyweds were present at the feast, a few weeks later a happy event was celebrated in the circle of friends. A year later the young family invited to share with them the fun of their mutual acquaintances. Two at a time, everyone was invited to the table, even the most distant relatives and barely acquired acquaintances. So it was the custom to celebrate wedding anniversaries.

In the East, too, it was customary to celebrate the years lived together, but they were guided by other considerations and approached the matter from the point of view of numerology. Only two of them celebrated the anniversary of the wedding every 11 years, in the same years, multiples of 4, it was decided to convene large companies.

In Russia, such a custom was born relatively recently, only in the 19th century, and adopted much of the eastern.

gifts for 20 years of wedding
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Customs at feast

The 20th anniversary of the wedding is called the porcelain for good reason. How beautiful is the porcelain of the skillful ancient masters, so beautiful is the union of the two hearts.

As this material is fragile, family happiness is just as fragile, and only careful treatment can keep it safe and safe for many years.

Usually twenty years of marriage are usually celebrated in the family circle. Invite only the closest relatives and friends. The main dish should be something uncomplicated, symbolizing family comfort. It can be a baked bird or pork. It’s good, if it’s a crown dish of the family, served on the table for many years. However, this should not be something exotic or new-fangled. Due to the fact that the tradition has eastern roots, it is good to serve at least one national dish of the countries of the East. However, it should not dominate, but only shade the usual traditional food, since the holiday itself is meant to demonstrate the stability and continuity of generations.

The main drinking tradition of the 20th jubilee is the tea party. Therefore, a full-fledged ruler of the table on this day is baking. All sorts of buns, gingerbread, pretzels, pies, pancakes stuffed with and without. It is important that they are baked not by the culprits of the celebration, but by their children, as a token of adherence to traditions.

The table is served exclusively with new porcelain. Well, if the place of honor is occupied by dishes donated by parents or children. This custom is connected with the fact that over 20 years of happy life together all porcelain should have been broken, for the dishes are beating for happiness. Therefore, it is customary to update the dishes as a sign that the past (albeit happy) is behind, and there is much new and bright ahead.

symbolic gifts for a porcelain wedding
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Current trends

Despite the fact that the 20th anniversary of the wedding is usually celebrated in a narrow circle, a new trend has recently emerged – to celebrate with all the breadth of the Russian soul. And it’s not surprising, because now not every family can last so long. Therefore, such a happy achievement is simply impossible to hide from people. In addition, for many years the family has managed to grow as close relatives, who have grown up and, probably, already married children, and a lot of friends. It’s a sin not to invite them to a party.

Now often the jubilee of the wedding, including porcelain, is celebrated in a cafe or restaurant among a multitude of people. The symbolic meaning of this is: to set an example and encourage others to keep the family as long, building their happiness painstakingly, working on it every day.

The color of the porcelain wedding is white. Well, if the guests in their outfit use at least some detail of this color. It is the color of purity, faithfulness and sincerity. On this day, it serves not only as a symbol, but also as a kind of talisman that brings goodness to the family. You can warn the guests in advance about the desired color scheme of the outfit, or you can do it easier. Since someone may not have a white holiday dress, buy yourself some kind of accessory, for example, a white ribbon, and give it at the entrance to all guests.

We should also dress completely, or at least partially, in white. The hall is decorated with festive balls and garlands with a predominance of white. You can stock up with crackers and give them to guests to “blow up” them during toasts. This will add to all guests festive mood.

Regardless of where and how you decided to celebrate the 20th anniversary of your life together, genuine joyful joy should fill your home. For this, perhaps, it is worthwhile to think in advance of the program of the event with dances and competitions. If you were invited to a porcelain wedding, be sure to prepare some interesting and solemn toasts. On this day, toasts must be pronounced more often than in any other.

Like any wedding, porcelain is also overgrown with its customs and rituals. The owners of the house must put many coins in a porcelain vessel. When the guests arrive, each of them will take a coin. Thus, the generosity of the family will multiply and return a hundredfold.

The couple must find the oldest porcelain cups in the house and, in the presence of all the guests, having drunk from them, smash the ground. Someone from the guests should immediately give two new cups, so that with the old ones everything went bad, and happiness in the house was always new.

a gift from friends in the form of a photo collage
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What should I give you, my dear man?

To give the jubilee the custom of porcelain (dishes, vases, souvenirs, dolls), objects of kitchen utensils or anything eastern. For example, you can present the so-called “bamboo of happiness”. In fact, this plant is not bamboo at all, but dracena sander. By feng shui this plant brings happiness to where it grows.

Nowadays everyone wants to give a useful and necessary gift. To observe the tradition, you can attach a small souvenir, for example the Chinese cat of happiness. You can also donate a money tree, like a plant, and a souvenir. If it is in a clay pot, with your gift you will kill several birds with one stone. The fact that in ancient times it was customary to give for the 20th anniversary of the wedding clay crafts, executed with own hands. Today this tradition has been preserved in part. Therefore, it is perfectly permissible to replace porcelain gifts with clay.

In their jubilee, the spouses must also give each other presents. If significant gifts are made in the family to make expensive gifts, then you can attach a small souvenir to them, for example, a medal to your husband “for 20 years of happiness” in a porcelain mug. The wife can be presented with an ornament in a porcelain box. Thus, both folk and family traditions will be observed. If, on the contrary, the spouses are accepted to exchange memorable souvenirs, porcelain cups, saucers with photos of each other or the whole family will come just in time. Flowers on this day give only white.

Parents can give children a tea service with a box of sweets for tea to sweeten their life, or a porcelain saucer depicting a city that played a significant role in the life of the couple. For example, the cities where they were born or where they met. Perhaps there is a city with which they both have an unforgettable experience.

Children, along with a porcelain dish, on which they have cooked cookies, can give parents an album with the most favorite photos, or make a photo collage.

It is important not only to observe all the customs that promise peace and longevity to the family, but also to be joyful and cheerful on this day, mentally thanks to the life that she went along with this person, and then happiness will always remain with you.