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  • Bagua Mirror
  • Properties of mirrors
  • The rules for placing mirrors in different parts of the house
  • Security, first of all

If you believe the theory of feng shui, the mirror is the most versatile tool for cleaning the room of negative energy. The Chinese apply it even when it is necessary to change some aspect of life. However, in order for the talisman to act, it must be properly placed and learned to use it competently.

Mirror is a very powerful tool that can work for both good and bad. Today we will talk specifically about these aspects of the philosophy of Feng Shui. We’ll tell you how to properly use the mirror-mascot to achieve the desired effect.

Bagua Mirror

The main purpose of this tool is to reflect and correct. Its form is not so important, it does not play a special role. However, the Chinese themselves prefer the mirror of the octagonal form – bagua. As a rule, the Bagua mirror is placed in a special painted lining around which trigrams are depicted. It can be placed both inside and outside the building.

The Chinese use the talisman exclusively to protect their home from negative forms. It should be noted that the mirror bagua is credited with very powerful protective properties. Therefore, it is categorically forbidden to direct it to the windows and houses of its neighbors, otherwise it is possible to inflict irreparable harm on them. Before you risk using a Bagua mirror from the outside of the house, you need to make sure that it does not reflect the door of your neighbors or the windows of the opposing building. Otherwise, the mirror must be removed immediately.

It is impossible to bring positive energy into your life, if harm is done to other people. We should always keep in mind a simple truth – we attract to ourselves exactly what we give, and in augmented form. Let’s give it back – it will always return to us, bring evil – life will put in a situation where negative energy will go around in a circle like a boomerang.

Properties of mirrors

Inside, mirrors serve a variety of purposes. In the teaching of feng shui, they have the ability to reflect, attract and redistribute the energy of Qi. Also, they are able to adjust the shape of the room, visually increasing the reflection of the nonexistent Bagua zone and expanding the space.

Correcting properties of mirrors can be considered in the following example. The nature of the Qi energy is such that it is attracted to the water and moves after the water. Therefore, it is not recommended to keep the doors of the bathroom and toilet open, otherwise all positive energy and luck literally go to the sewer. There is no better means than a large mirror the size of a door that hangs on both sides of the bathroom door.

In the first case, the mirror does not let the negative energy of the bath and toilet into our dwelling, and in the second, the mirror reflects Qi’s energy, preventing her from leaving the house. However, in Russian conditions, there is often a situation where the toilet is located directly opposite the front door or the door leading to another room.

Remember, the mirror opposite the front door, especially if it is large, is contraindicated! It will simply reflect Qi’s energy back to the street. In this case, the best option will be a small mirror hanging on the outer and inner side of the toilet door. Such a mirror should be at the level of the navel of the main member of your family. Feng Shui specialists note the positive effect of this remedy.

The rule applies to all doors in the house. A mirror in front of the door will reflect all the good that will try to enter the room. Use this technique should only be for protective purposes only. Visually, the mirror helps to increase the space surrounding the person. This optical reception feng shui can be used only if you sincerely believe in its action.

Do not use a mirror in your house – it symbolically cuts everything that is reflected in it, including people. Thus, the person and the environment surrounding him “collapses”. The optimal size of the mirror should be such that all members of the family are reflected in it entirely – from the crown to the toe. Even better, if there is not enough space above your head for potential growth.

mirror feng shui

The rules for placing mirrors in different parts of the house

Never place a mirror in front of windows or doors, otherwise the gracious energy of Qi will not linger in your house, it would blow back to the street. And with it the success and prosperity of your family will fly away. It is not recommended to hang it in the bedroom. If it is simply vital to you, then try to do everything so that it does not in any way reflect the bed and the people sleeping on it. The mirror in the bedroom draws a lot of energy and has a very negative effect on human health and relationships.

You can significantly improve the atmosphere in the house by properly placing the mirror in the hallway. A small and intimate hallway immediately works to limit the resources of the family. A person should not, when opening the door, find himself in a back room where it is impossible to turn around. The hallway room should be spacious and filled with light. In order for this space to be optically expanded, the help of a mirror placed on the feng shui is needed. It is best to place the talisman on the side of the doors – on the left side.

It is permissible to use mirrors in the living room. If you are a lucky owner of a beautiful landscape outside the window – hang a mirror on the wall, mating with the window so that it reflects at an angle the street. Do not hang a mirror in front of the cooker. Otherwise, the mistress of the house will experience severe fatigue during cooking. The best option is to hang it against the table, behind which all the family members gather. The mirror will double the amount of food and multiply the wealth of your family.

We have already said that mirrors in Feng Shui philosophy can redistribute energy in space, directing its flow to the necessary side. Example: your kitchen is located opposite the front door, and the corridor leading to the living rooms and living room, goes to the right. With this arrangement of rooms, hang a large mirror on the left wall, paired with the entrance door so that it reflects the corridor leading to the living room. Thus, you can redirect the flow of Qi energy towards the living rooms.

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Security, first of all

Each mirror is the bearer of the double of that person, which is constantly reflected in it. In fact – a mirror in which we regularly look, this is our double, our second “I”. In it involuntarily remains a part of our soul. For this reason, it is harmful to dispose of this interior in the bedroom, especially opposite the bed. A person’s soul leaves him, as it were, with strength and health.

A broken mirror also carries negative energy into the house, because together with it the soul of a person flies into fragments. However, troubles can be avoided. Feng Shui offers one sure way: gently collect the fragments, carefully rinse them under a stream of running water and take them to the trash. Water washes away information about a person. Never try to glue a broken mirror and do not use a mirror with a crack, throw it without pity.

Mirrors should be regularly wiped and washed, as they collect from the surrounding space, heterogeneous information, including negative. Negative information becomes a kind of accumulator, which causes a sad mood, scandals and quarrels. Even if your mirror is placed according to all the rules of feng shui, but there is a layer of dust on it, it becomes a source of ills and poisons the life of all members of the family.

We hope, with our help, you could understand how to properly handle mirrors in your home. The less of them around you, the better. Use this powerful tool only when you have no other way to solve the problem.

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