What is harmful green tea?

what is harmful green tea


  • Green tea is the source of youth
  • What is dangerous green tea?
  • Who should not drink green tea?
  • Is green tea dangerous for potency?
  • The harm of green tea: what should I fear?

Long since green tea is considered one of the most useful drinks. And it’s hard not to agree with this. But still it is worth remembering the old truth: the medicine in large quantities becomes poison. In fact, is green tea harmful? Let’s try to find out.

Green tea is the source of youth

For Japanese, green tea is a powerful anti-alcoholic drink that can prolong life for 5-7 years. Scientifically proven that drinking green tea is a prevention of cancer and reduces the risk of cancer by 30%. And if the malignant formation has already been diagnosed, tea helps to slow the growth of the tumor. Thanks to zinc, which is found in large quantities in tea leaves, this drink is considered a good anti-carcinogen.

And recently, scientists have made an incredible discovery. It turns out that tea is able to protect the body from radiation sickness. If you sit at the computer for a long time or like to watch TV in the evenings, try to drink 2 cups of green tea, then your body will be less susceptible to harmful radiation from the screens of the monitor or TV.

Green tea is considered to be a valuable remedy for blood vessels and heart, it contains a large amount of copper, iodine and vitamins PP and B1, which are responsible for the strength of blood vessels, and potassium, which is one of the key microelements of tea, is useful for the heart and is used for prevention rheumatism and atherosclerosis. Do not forget about the dietary properties of the drink: it helps to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, to break down lipids, to remove salts, to lower cholesterol.

green tea is harmful

What is dangerous green tea?

Yes, green tea is harmful, but only in large quantities or in cases where its components are contraindicated. Any tea in its composition contains active biological substances – flavonoids. Green tea contains the largest amount of flavonoids, making this drink known as an effective method of cleansing the body. But with great use, useful properties can have the opposite effect, and instead of assisting in the work of the kidneys and liver, they will exert a heavy load on them.

Therefore, cleansing of the body is recommended to be carried out very carefully: for a day to drink no more than 1, 5 liters of tea, while the treatment should last no longer than a week. The course of treatment will be most effective if it is combined with an active intake of fruits and vegetables. Repeated cleaning can be carried out not earlier, than in a month. And in normal mode, it is not recommended to drink more than 2 cups a day.

Another important component of green tea is the purine. It helps the body to get rid of toxins, but in large numbers it does not have time to be excreted and can be converted to salts, thereby disrupting metabolic processes and developing symptoms of gout. No wonder the doctors noted an interesting regularity: as soon as people suffering from rheumatism or arthritis stopped drinking tea or coffee in any form, they immediately felt much better.

Who should not drink green tea?

  1. Future mothers

    Tea contains coffee, which can stimulate the fetus and adversely affect its development. According to Japanese studies, in 5 cups of tea drunk per day, there is such a quantity of caffeine, which can provoke improper development of the fetus (small weight). Also, caffeine increases urination and causes heart palpitations, increasing the burden on the kidneys and heart. A large amount of green tea can trigger toxicosis.

  2. Suffering ulcer

    Green tea – a good helper to your stomach, it helps digestion. But this tea is contraindicated for people suffering from a stomach ulcer. In addition, with increased acidity, green tea can be consumed only in small amounts. The fact that a healthy stomach produces phosphoric acid, which reduces the secretion of acid, and theophylline, a component of green tea, suspends this function. As a result, the acidity in the stomach increases, which prevents the healing of ulcers. It is desirable for peptic ulcerers to refuse the use of strong tea or dilute it with milk.

  3. Suffering hypertension or atherosclerosis

    With these diagnoses, it is desirable to abandon strong tea. Caffeine and theophylline excitably influence the central nervous system, and when overexcited, the blood vessels narrow, which can lead to the formation of thrombi.

  4. Suffering insomnia

    And if the damage to coffee before going to bed is known to everyone, then somehow tea was not attributed any negative properties. But in vain. A cup of strong tea increases the activity of the brain and central nervous system, the blood flow accelerates, the pulse becomes faster, which prevents a calm sleep.

  5. Patients with high fever

    Since childhood we have been taught that a hot, strong hour quenches thirst and has a beneficial effect at high temperatures. But this is far from reality. British pharmacologists have found that hot tea not only does not bring benefits, but even on the contrary, theophylline raises body temperature. In addition, it has a diuretic effect, so its use makes any antipyretic agents ineffective.

Is green tea dangerous for potency?

There is an opinion that green tea has an adverse effect on the health of men. Scientifically, this fact is not proved, green tea does not directly damage the male power. This drink is equally harmful for both women and men, it is dangerous only in large quantities. Naturally, if you drink a strong enough tea for a long time, an overdose of caffeine and other components can cause general fatigue of the body and worsen its condition, because of which, for psychological reasons, there may be a breakdown in sexual function. As soon as the intake of caffeine in the body stops, the health of men immediately comes back to normal.

is green tea harmful?

The harm of green tea: what should I fear?

  1. Drinking with alcohol

    Simultaneous use of alcohol and green tea can harm the body. Even in ancient China, it was found that tea after wine harms the liver and kidneys. The fact is that when tea and alcohol are combined, toxic substances are formed, which adversely affect the internal organs.

  2. Drinking on an empty stomach

    Doctors do not advise drinking green tea on an empty stomach, since the drink irritates the mucous and can lead to the appearance and development of an ulcer or gastritis. In addition, it is not recommended to drink tea before meals, as it reduces the absorption of protein, it also has the property of enveloping the walls of the stomach and causing saliva to dilute, which can make food seem insipid.

  3. Poor quality tea

    Nothing so spoils the mood and work of the body, as poor-quality, stitched or spoiled products. This also applies to tea. To the eye, it is rather difficult to determine the qualitative goods, you can navigate by the smell or color, but it is best to buy in specialized stores.

As we see, the use of a seemingly innocuous drink can lead to a number of negative consequences. What happens? Green tea does not drink at all? These extremes do not need anything, just everywhere you need to know the measure. Do not deprive yourself of joy and give up a cup of fragrant tasty tea.

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