Warts in intimate parts of the body: symptoms and treatment

treatment of warts in intimate places


  • What can cause warts in intimate places?
  • What if you found a papilloma?
  • Treatment of genital warts

Genital warts, they are also condylomas, externally represent small elongated, pointed formations-processes of a length of 2-5 mm on the intimate parts of the body.

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What can cause warts in intimate places?

The appearance of conical skin processes in delicate places of the body is provoked by the virus of the papilloma, transmitted sexually. Anyone can take up this unpleasant disease of the papilloma virus during unprotected intercourse, while practicing oral sex and even with normal household contact, using one towel or washcloth with an infected condyloma person. The cause of the occurrence of warts and infection with the virus of the papilloma can be an ordinary visit to a public bath and sitting with intimate naked parts of the body in the sauna.

Warts on intimate places in men are manifested in the area of ​​the glans penis, around the urethra and in the area of ​​the anus.

In women, the papilloma virus affects the vestibule vestibule areas, large and small labia, the clitoral region, the vaginal walls and the cervix.

Papillomas can appear in the larynx, tongue and mucosa of the mouth and the inner cavity of the cheeks after oral sex with an infected person.

The risk factor for the appearance of warts in intimate places can be avitaminosis and weakened immunity, impaired microflora of the genital organs (causes – use of antibiotics), pregnancy, the presence of other sexually transmitted infections.

symptoms of warts in intimate places

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What if you found a papilloma?

Usually the appearance of genital warts is not accompanied by any side symptoms, but there may be cases of itching and burning that can also appear during sexual intercourse.

If you have found a papilloma, it’s best not to try to treat them yourself, but immediately go to an experienced dermatologist who will accurately detect the symptoms of the virus and the degree of the disease, and then prescribe the appropriate treatment, removal and prescribe the appropriate drugs.

The doctor must necessarily analyze the papillomas for the presence of cancer cells and determine the causes of the occurrence and prescribe the necessary treatment for you and your partner. Removal of genital warts is a rather painless procedure.

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Treatment of genital warts

Papillomas are easier to treat at an early stage of the disease. Single skin formations can be removed with the help of nitrogen, this method is called cryotherapy. Also, modern medicine offers painless removal of warts with the help of laser therapy. Treatment of the papilloma virus in folk ways suggests wiping warts with raw potato juice, fir oil or celandine. To start warts and hope that they will pass by themselves is highly undesirable – they can spread and grow into supplements even on the surrounding intimate areas of the body.

The sooner you go to the doctor and the course of treatment, the less time will take the treatment. The best prevention against the virus of the papilloma is the observance of safety during sexual intercourse, the presence of a permanent sexual partner and personal hygiene of the genitals.

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