Preparation of the cervix for delivery

cervical preparation for childbirth


  • Drug stimulation of cervical ripening
  • Preparation of the cervix in the home
  • Recipes of traditional medicine

Any pregnant woman awaits delivery with anticipation and some apprehension. And it’s not surprising. After all, without exception, future mothers want the baby to come into the world without any unpleasant excesses and complications. And did you know that the successful outcome of childbirth largely depends not only on how qualified the medical personnel are and how the maternity hospital is equipped, but also on the individual characteristics of the organism of each particular woman. And on how prepared for the birth of the child is the future mother.

Among the rest, the preparation of the cervix for childbirth, conducted during the last months of pregnancy, is also far from the last. And it’s not just about the preparation of the neck, which doctors prescribe for medical reasons, if it is not ready for delivery by the 38th week of pregnancy. It is very important and need independent preventive preparation, which helps to avoid possible ruptures of the cervix during labor. We will tell you about both types of training, but remember that the use of any medicines for the preparation of the uterus for childbirth without prescribing a doctor is simply unacceptable.

Drug stimulation of cervical ripening

As a rule, doctors consider it normal for the cervix to mature around the 38th week of pregnancy. And in the event that the uterus is immature by this time – in gynecology there is even a specific term “oak” – a gynecologist can decide on the need to conduct this or that procedure, the purpose of which is to stimulate the onset of the cervical ripening process. To date, the following procedures are most often used for these purposes:

  • Use of antispasmodics

Sometimes the cervix does not ripen because of excessive muscle tension. Therefore, very often two weeks before the expected date of delivery, doctors prescribe a woman various antispasmodics – for example, no-shpu or papaverine. The drugs can be administered intramuscularly, as well as in the form of tablets and rectal suppositories. What kind of drug you need is determined only by a doctor.

  • The use of prostaglandins

In some cases, a woman can be prescribed an introduction to the cervical channel of various drugs, which include prostaglandins. They contribute significantly to the early maturation of the cervix. In some cases, the future mother may also be shown to introduce a laminaria into the cervix – but this procedure is carried out exclusively in a hospital setting.

  • Physical stimulation

Sometimes doctors do without pharmacological drugs – either with the help of a cervical massage, either by stimulating the nipples, or using acupuncture. The method is selected individually, taking into account the characteristics of the organism of the future mother and the nature of the course of pregnancy.

preparation of the uterus for childbirth

Preparation of the cervix in the home

Let’s cover the topic a little wider and talk about how you can prepare for delivery, not only the cervix, but the entire crotch. This will facilitate the process of childbirth itself: to shorten it in time and to avoid possible ruptures of the perineum. Such training does not require a woman too much time and effort. But, nevertheless, the result exceeds all expectations – the observations of obstetricians indicate that in those women who perform this training, various complications occur 60% less frequently than those who neglected them.

  • Having sex

Surely, many future mothers have heard about such a comic concept as “muzhetepapiya.” And in fact – many doctors-gynecologists recommend to begin systematically having sex 4 weeks before childbirth. And pay special attention – without using a condom. Sex in this case is the best and most effective way of preparing the organism of the future mother for childbirth.

And all this is explained very simply – frictions are a good massage, preparing the walls of the vagina for significant stretching during childbirth. During orgasm, the muscles of the walls of the uterus and its neck are trained. By the way, orgasm can become a trigger mechanism for the onset of labor – a kind of natural stimulation.

Although, in fairness, it should be noted that this will happen only if the mother’s body, the body of the baby is physiologically ready for childbirth. Therefore, until the last month of pregnancy, you can also engage in sex. Of course, in the event that there is no threat of premature birth. After all, it is not in vain in some cases in the complicated course of pregnancy, doctors impose a strict ban on the conduct of sexual activity. And in the lighter – prescribe the use of condoms, which prevent the sperm from getting into the cervix and, as a result, prevent its premature maturation.

Pay attention to another important point – you do not need to use condoms. Sperm contains a huge amount of natural prostaglandin hormone. Remember, we have already learned that it is this hormone that is responsible for the maturation of the cervix? That is why it is so important that the sexual intercourse ends with ejaculation in the woman’s vagina. However, it goes without saying that a man should be perfectly healthy – an infection to a woman preparing to become a mother is completely useless. We hope that in your family such a question can not stand, but still it must be remembered.

Often many future dads, after hearing a proposal from their wife, are extremely frightened. And this fear is completely natural – they are just afraid of harming a woman and a baby. Therefore, be sure to talk with your husband, explain that if you observe the elementary care and the correct selection of the pose, there will be no harm at all. But the benefits are too much to overestimate.

  • Evening primrose oil

In addition, to prepare the uterus for childbirth it is recommended to use evening primrose oil. You can buy it in almost any pharmacy, without a doctor’s prescription. Starting from week 36, the expectant mother should drink one capsule per day – but not more! And since 38 weeks – two capsules.

Take capsules should be half an hour before meals, washed down with plenty of water. The effect of this drug is based on the fact that primrose oil is extremely rich in fatty acids. And fatty acids, in turn, very intensely provoke the production of prostaglandin, which provides timely maturation of the cervix. However, remember that before using this remedy, it is absolutely necessary to consult a gynecologist.

  • Fish consumption

Another tool that is used to prepare the cervix for more than one decade is the consumption of fatty fish. The principle of action of this advice is the same – in fish contains a large number of fatty acids, stimulating the production of prostaglandin and, consequently, maturation of the cervix.

  • Nipple Massage

Gentle and gentle stimulation of the nipples is also very effective in helping the cervix mature in a timely manner. The main thing to remember is the need to be cautious. All movements should be smooth and neat. It is desirable to use baby massage oil. Nipple massage should be done two three times a day, starting from the 38th week of pregnancy.

The duration of the massage is at least 5 minutes, but not more than 10. By the way, you can draw the pope to this process – surely he will not refuse to help you. As a result of the stimulation of the nipples, the hormone oxytocin is produced, which is also necessary for the maturation of the cervix and the timely onset of labor.

neck preparation for childbirth

Recipes of traditional medicine

In folk medicine, there are also several recipes through which our great-grandmothers were preparing for the birth. And these recipes really work, if everything is done correctly. However, the expectant mother should never forget that before applying any of these recipes it is necessary to consult with your doctor – a gynecologist. And only after receiving his approval can you try. And, of course, only if you do not have a tendency to allergic reactions to any component of the prescription.

  • Decoction of raspberry leaves

To prepare a decoction of raspberries you will need one tablespoon of dried leaves, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. Either two tablespoons of fresh raspberry leaves, if it happens in the summer. Raspberry leaves chop and place in enameled dishes, pour one liter of water and bring to a boil.

Cover the pan with a lid and leave to infuse for at least two hours. After this, using a gauze cloth, the broth must be filtered. Take it you need to 100 grams, before each meal. Begin the use of decoction can be from 38 weeks of pregnancy, not earlier. And continue taking a decoction of crimson leaves is necessary until the very birth.

  • Infusion of dog rose

Infusion of dog rose – this is a real find for a future mother. Firstly, in the dog rose contains a huge number of the most diverse vitamins, minerals and trace elements, necessary for the organism of both the woman and the child. In addition, some substances containing in the dog rose, the most beautiful way preparing the uterus for the upcoming birth.

Preparing the infusion is simple – put in enamel utensils 150 grams of dry hips, pour one liter of steep boiling water and leave to infuse for two hours. After this, when the berries swell, strain with gauze tissue. Take a decoction of 200 grams, on an empty stomach, before breakfast, starting at 36 weeks of gestation.

  • Hawthorn tincture

Tincture of hawthorn will not only help prepare the cervix for the forthcoming birth, but it will also help to sleep at night more firmly. After a superficial and restless sleep in the last month of pregnancy – this is a very common problem for almost all expectant mothers. Tincture of hawthorn can be bought at the pharmacy. It is accepted as follows – 2 drops for every 10 kilograms of the weight of a pregnant woman. Before use, the infusion should be dissolved in water. The resulting solution must be drunk an hour before breakfast and dinner. Reception should be started two weeks before the expected date of delivery.

  • Decoction of strawberries

No less useful and decoction of strawberries. Strictly speaking, this broth is nothing but the most common strawberry compote. With the only difference is that in this compote you need to add a little leaves of strawberries and do not exclude sugar. 100 grams of fresh berries and two tablespoons of the crushed leaves of strawberries are placed in enamel ware, pour a liter of water. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer for an hour. After that, strain the broth. In the event that you do not have allergies to beekeeping products, you can add some natural honey. A day should drink at least a liter of such a decoction, instead of tea. Begin to take the broth is approximately from 37 to 38 weeks of pregnancy.

As you can see, the means of preparing the uterus for childbirth is not so much. Surely you can find the most suitable for you. However, as mentioned above, remember that whatever method you choose, be sure to consult with your doctor.

By the way, do not forget that in a number of cases, the maturation of the cervix begins not in a week – two, but only a few days before the onset of labor. Therefore, do not despair if, despite all your efforts, the cervix does not want to mature. This does not mean that you can not give birth alone and without complications. In most cases, nature is much wiser and the baby is born without problems. The main thing that you need in these worrying last days of waiting is a positive attitude and a good mood. Our team sincerely wishes you a light birth!

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