Early signs of pregnancy before delay

early signs of pregnancy before delay


  • How to determine the presence or absence of pregnancy?
  • Temperature Method

“Delay … Pregnancy?” These questions literally deprive many women of sleep who have not started menstruation at the calculated time. Of course, it is best to visit a gynecologist or buy a pregnancy test at a pharmacy. However, going to the doctor, and a pregnancy test are only relevant after a delay in menstruation. And what if I really want to know in advance, without waiting for a delay in menstruation? Are there any specific early signs of pregnancy that appear before the delay in menstruation?

These questions do not give rest to so many women. Of course, such early signs exist. However, do not rely too much on these signs – they often turn out to be wrong. In addition, doctors noted an interesting pattern – most often such early signs appear in those women who are very much awaiting the appearance of pregnancy. Simply put, they are ready to see early signs of pregnancy long before
delay, and literally in everything – even where there are none.

signs of early pregnancy before delay

How to determine the presence or absence of pregnancy?

In addition to the absence of menstruation and even before its delay, there are certain early signs indicative of pregnancy, namely:

  • Mammary gland

Mammary glands are often the first to respond to the birth of a new life. If before the delay of menstruation you have such symptoms as tenderness of the mammary glands – especially when you press, the increased sensitivity of the nipples and the allocation of them with a slight pressure of drops of colostrum – it is worthwhile to be on the alert. Especially in the case when you have not seen similar symptoms before. Although in some cases, such symptoms may appear before the onset of menstruation.

  • Nausea

Quite often one of the first symptoms occurring before the delay of the menstrual cycle is nausea. And the degree of nausea can be very different – from mild and quickly passing to indomitable vomiting. In some expectant mothers, nausea appears long before the menstrual cycle.

  • Change in taste preferences

It is worth thinking about a possible pregnancy and in the event that a woman has changes in taste preferences. In people, this phenomenon is called perversion of taste – there may be a desire to constantly eat sour, salty, sweet. And the usual food can suddenly become unpleasant and even cause nausea. It is these early signs of pregnancy that appear before the delay, are most common.

Although in some cases this phenomenon is provoked by banal iron deficiency anemia. Therefore, if you have unusual taste preferences, but there is no pregnancy, be sure to seek advice from a hematologist. Anemia must be treated without fail.

  • Change in appetite

No less frequent is the increase or, on the contrary, the loss of appetite. Do you follow the third bun in a row? Do not rush to reproach yourself and punish your body with exhausting training – perhaps very soon you will see on the test two coveted stripes. The same is true for a decrease in appetite. If you find that you can not look at food, do not “rape” your body and eat through strength. If you do not want it, it means that right now it is not necessary.

  • Fast fatiguability

You did not have time to get out of bed, and already feel so tired, like you did the spring cleaning, passed the quarterly report and spent two hours on the stationary bike? Perhaps, in this way your body attracts attention to itself and asks for a more sparing regimen? After all, pregnancy is a serious burden for him!

But even in the event that you are not pregnant, it is worthwhile to see a doctor. After all, increased fatigue almost always indicates some pathological processes in the body. And it is very important to identify these violations in time and eliminate them.

  • Increased drowsiness

Do you always want to sleep? In the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, your dreams are only about her – about such a cushion? If earlier for you such drowsiness was not typical, it is necessary to reflect. Perhaps, this drowsiness and fatigue is one of the first signs of pregnancy, appearing before the delay of menstruation.

  • Emotional instability

Increased irritability and tearfulness, sudden mood changes – these are typical signs for a pregnant woman. And it is not surprising, because her hormonal background is radically changing. And especially strong changes occur precisely in the early stages of pregnancy, even before the delay in menstruation.

  • Frequent urination

All the same changes in the hormonal background can lead to rapid urination – especially often in the first 4 weeks of pregnancy, when the woman herself does not even know about it and there is not even a delay in menstruation.

However, in some cases, frequent urination testifies to problems with the genitourinary system and, in particular, about cystitis. Although in these cases, as a rule, a woman has the following symptoms: pain, burning during urination, fever. In any case, if you notice such signs, you need to seek help from a doctor.

  • A sharpened sense of smell

You started to stop with a sinking heart near the freshly painted shops, and from your favorite spirits for no reason began to feel sick? Do you feel the neighbor smoking in the stairwell? It is worthwhile to be alerted also in the event that you have neither for that nor for a little seldom the sense of smell has become aggravated. A sharp increase in sensitivity to these or other smells in most cases indicates a pregnancy that has occurred. Nine out of ten pregnant women noted this phenomenon at the beginning of pregnancy, before the delay in menstruation.

  • Bloody issues

If about a week before the expected date of menstruation you noticed on the underwear spotting, do not rush to get scared. Such secretions very often indicate that a fertilized egg is fixed in the mucous membrane of the uterus. This phenomenon is completely normal and in medicine is called implantation bleeding. It is observed in 60% of all pregnancies in the early stages, before the delay of menstruation.

  • Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract

Often a sign of pregnancy in the early stages is the disruption of the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, especially the intestine. Diarrhea, constipation – all this in the early stages is often enough. Doctors explain this phenomenon by changing the hormonal background in the body of a pregnant woman.

  • Swelling of the genital organs

Did you suddenly think that the trousers were too small? Have you noticed some swelling of the labia? Most often, all this – the early signs of pregnancy, which arise from the restructuring of the circulation in the pelvic organs, occurring at the smallest time. Most often, this state passes quickly enough – in two or three months. But in some cases it can persist even during long periods of pregnancy.

earliest signs of pregnancy before delay

Temperature Method

But all listed signs can not be considered accurate, since similar symptoms can be caused by other factors. Soreness of the breast can manifest before the onset of menstruation, irritability and fatigue can be caused by perturbations of the geomagnetic background, and nausea can be triggered by food poisoning, taking medications or simply by stress. Stress caused by travel, illness, physical exertion or even extreme weather conditions, can affect the timing of ovulation and in itself cause a delay in menstruation. Failure in the hormonal system can be caused by a sharp change in the body weight of a woman.

Therefore, a more reliable means of determining pregnancy in the early stages is the so-called temperature method based on fixing changes in basal temperature. True, for this you need to keep a diary of temperatures and know your cycle of menstruation.

The basal temperature chart always consists of two phases: first there is a period of low temperatures, then ovulation occurs, and the temperature rises sharply. The period of high temperatures is called the phase of the yellow body.

If the high temperature (above 37 degrees) remains for three days longer than the usual phase of the yellow body, you have every reason to consider pregnancy as it has come. That is, if until now you have had a phase of a yellow body for 13 days, and now it has increased to 17, then the probability of having a pregnancy is very high. It is necessary to pay attention to the second phase of the cycle, since it is the most stable and averages from 12 to 14 days, while the duration of the first phase is more susceptible to fluctuations.

When pregnancy occurs, the third phase of the temperature graph sometimes appears – a temperature jump after the second phase. Presence of pregnancy with a high degree of confidence can be assumed if in the graph appears in a row more than 18 points of elevated basal temperature. It is these signs of pregnancy in the early stages that are most reliable.

But, we repeat, only a qualified medical examination can accurately diagnose pregnancy. Therefore, all described signs of pregnancy in the early stages, which occur even before the delay of pregnancy, can only serve as an excuse for contacting a doctor. After all, the manifestation of many diseases can also be similar to pregnancy – in any case, the symptoms may be similar.

Of course, we wholeheartedly wish you that the cause of your ailments was the most joyful and in the end your test “zaplosatilsya”!

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