Allergy to the sweet: a disease of the 21st century

allergy to dessert


  • Why appears on a sweet allergy
  • Symptoms of allergies: how to recognize the problem
  • Caution, Dangerous Products
  • How to get rid of allergies
  • Self-treatment is life-threatening

Cakes, sweets, cakes, biscuits – with these products in our time should be careful. And the excess weight is nothing to do with. Everything is much more serious. The fact is that all these delicacies and sweets can lead to an allergic reaction. Dermatitis, nausea, itching, swelling is just a small list of what can happen after a single candy. So do not ignore or mock the problem. Remember the famous expression: forewarned, means – armed. After all, if you can identify allergy to sweet in the early stages, you can avoid many dangerous complications in the future.

Why appears on a sweet allergy

Many mistakenly believe that an allergy to sweetness is the reaction of our body to sugar. In fact, this is not so. By itself, this product is harmless. Sucrose, contained in the delicacies, causes and stimulates fermentation. As a result, the food in the stomach does not have time to digest, which causes it to deteriorate. The decay products that are formed as a result of this chemical reaction are absorbed and begin to immediately enter the blood. But they only strengthen the already existing allergy to a foreign protein, but do not cause it.

But what then provokes the allergy? Let’s start by studying the composition of modern sweets. Virtually all such products, be it cakes or chocolates, have dyes, flavors, stabilizers and other chemicals that affect our immune system.

As for the allergy to honey, the problem here lies not in sweetness, but in the presence of pollen components. It is because of them that you can be ill even because of one teaspoon. At the same time and in the spring-summer period such people feel bad when everything around blooms and smells. Therefore, in the beginning it is necessary to pass tests to establish an allergen. And if you are really intolerant to pollen, other goodies may not cause the onset of the disease.

allergy to sweet symptoms

Symptoms of allergies: how to recognize the problem

In fact, many of us confuse the intolerance of any substance and allergies. For example, many adults can not normally drink milk, as it is simply not digested in the stomach. The enzyme, which affects it, ceases to be developed. And this is much more dangerous. Therefore, it is so important to know how the allergy to sweetness actually manifests, what are its symptoms and signs.

So, some time after eating (after 5 minutes or 2 hours – depends on the characteristics of the body), the body may develop a rash, inflammation, redness. In this case, the skin can be incredibly itchy, sometimes swelling. Usually the face, neck, arms and legs suffer first. Less often – back and abdomen. If you do not provide first aid, even anaphylactic shock or Quincke’s edema may occur. And this is fraught with fatal consequences.

Thus, if you notice any, even the mildest symptoms of the disease, immediately go to the hospital. It is better to be reinsured than to go through a long, painful and expensive treatment in a polyclinic. In the future, get medicines that help quickly cope with the manifestation of allergies.

Caution, Dangerous Products

If you have an allergy to sweet, try to exclude from your diet confectionery, products made from cocoa, as well as honey, fruits, berries, fruits and milk (cow, goat, mare). Perhaps your body reacts to specific products (for example, bars or chocolates), but before clarifying the situation and determining the allergen, it’s best not to risk and experiment with the rest of the ingredients.

The sensitivity to a particular allergen, which is contained in some types of sweets, may be too high. It is enough to put in a cake or a cupcake, for example, cocoa, an egg or a strawberry, so that the patient manifests a reaction to a foreign protein.

allergy to sweet treatment

How to get rid of allergies

So, the person, who showed the first symptoms of an allergy, will have to pass tests and make assays. This will help to identify what exactly contains the allergen. In this case, the patient is also assigned a special diet consisting entirely of substances safe for the body. During rehabilitation, it is better for such a person to keep a diary in which he should write down how he feels after taking a dish. As a result of such observations it is possible to trace the course of the disease, to find out what is better not to eat in the future, etc. By the way, this method is used when they can not establish an allergen by means of tests.

After the problematic ingredient or product is identified, you can try to gradually accustom yourself to it. But it needs to be done very slowly, gradually adding several grams of intolerable substance to the food. If you are allergic to food that can be excluded from the diet without causing harm to health, you will have to decide on this step. You can forget about honey, chocolate, citrus, watermelons or melons, peaches and other goodies, without which you will normally live. In extreme cases, some berries and fruits can be added to compotes.

You can not accustom your body to sweets, but you can not keep yourself in hand and occasionally try forbidden delicacies? Then you will always have to keep on hand special medications that will help get rid of the symptoms. But remember that they only take away the external manifestations: itching, redness, rash. Completely eliminate the problem you are unlikely to succeed.

Also you can decide on the course of desensitization. The main goal of the procedure is to eliminate hypersensitivity to a foreign protein. But remember that all this should be done only in the presence of a doctor who can provide first aid if something goes wrong.

So, let’s figure out how this can help you. As you remember, an allergy is a kind of reaction of your body to an allergen. To the immune system normally perceive such a substance, the patient regularly gradually injected it. Gradually, when the body gets used to the set amount, the amount is increased. This procedure is long and tedious, and here there are risks. But if everything is done correctly, in the future you will be able to fully enjoy life.

Self-treatment is life-threatening

Often, modern residents do not have the opportunity to go to the hospital immediately. Someone at home has seven on the bench, someone does not want to rule the bosses, while others do not trust doctors at all. Indeed, why get distracted if it’s not deadly dangerous. Therefore, such individuals try to use the means and methods by which they could get rid of the disease.

In fact, it’s like playing sapper. Lucky – everything will be fine. However, it is worth a bit of a mistake, making the wrong choice, trusting people who have something similar there – and you are in the hospital, and at best. Thus, a person unfamiliar with medicine is unlikely to correctly diagnose and prescribe treatment.

Of course, pharmacies are full of pills that will relieve you of simple symptoms (itch, rash) for half an hour or hour. But take them uncontrolled and constantly impossible. This, again, is dangerous for your health. By the way, what appears outside is only flowers. Imagine what happens to your organs inside. Therefore, you should understand that only an allergist can treat. And then, only after receiving the test results. After all, allergy symptoms can be similar to other diseases.

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