What to wear for the wedding? The most fashionable models for guests

what dress to wear for a wedding

Invited to the wedding, what to wear? Such a problem is faced by the majority of those invited to such a solemn and important event in the life of relatives, friends or acquaintances. Therefore, long before the scheduled date, many guests begin to wonder what dress to wear for the wedding? Whether for this case classical trousers with a shirt will approach or suit or the beautiful stylish skirt will look better? And can the best option still be a dress? A unique answer to such a difficult question is very difficult to give. Everything depends on you: your taste and preferences.

What to wear for a girlfriend’s wedding

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Wedding chores are not only the destiny of the newlyweds. In advance, all the guests invited to the wedding ceremony, especially women, think over their attire. And if a girlfriend turns out to be a girlfriend, the girls will certainly have a question: what can I wear for the wedding. In order not to look too provocative and not to be seen by those present, listen to the advice of stylists who like nobody knows which dress to dress for the girlfriend’s wedding. For the wedding of your beloved friend, the most elegant suit or elegant dress. The perfect evening dress can be a monophonic dress. Choose a dress can be any length, with a closed top or straps. Any of them will look beautiful and very elegant. When choosing an outfit, do not forget that the queen of this ball is still a bride. Therefore, your clothes should in no case be eclipsed by their beauty wedding attire of the bride. If you are at a loss to choose which dress to wear for a girlfriend’s wedding, it can be a cocktail dress and even a top with trousers.

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I’m a witness! What to wear for the wedding: photos of bridesmaids in fashion catalogs from world famous designers and fashion designers – an example for imitation. Since the witnesses at the wedding celebration have one of the main roles, they like anyone else need to take special care in choosing the wedding dresses. If you have the honor to become a witness at a wedding, then the question always arises: what to wear for the wedding to a friend: the photo of the most suitable options for this case can be found in the catalogs and fashion magazines.

Some useful tips for choosing a wedding dress

what dress to wear for a girlfriend's wedding

When choosing your wedding attire, the witness should take into account several useful tips:

  • The chosen dress must necessarily harmonize with the wedding dress of the bride. That’s why very often for a bridesmaids the same dress is ordered, as for a bride, but from a cheaper cloth of a different color or shade.
  • Since white is traditionally considered the color of the bride, it will be better for the witness to give up the white dress. Otherwise, being near the bride in dresses of the same color, there is a danger of appearing in photographs as one big white spot. In addition, it is possible to mislead not only the employees of the REGISTRY OFFICE, but also the guests: “Who is really the bride from them?”
  • In the event that you, as a wedding dress, still prefer a white dress, inform in advance about your decision to the bride, so that in the future your choice does not become an unpleasant surprise.
  • In any case, even if you have received her consent, complement your dress with bright decorative elements. It can be like ribbons and flowers, and other accessories of your choice.
  • Since the wedding is the brightest and joyful day in the life of the newlyweds, the clothes of dark colors are inappropriate here. If the features of your figure do not allow you to wear a light dress at the marriage ceremony for the best girlfriend, stylists advise you to play in contrast and revitalize the wedding dress with light and bright accessories.
  • What to wear for the wedding: the photo of the most common wedding dresses indicate the most popular colors among modern witnesses: silver, gold, blue, pink and light green.
  • What is better to wear a wedding in the fall? During the autumn wedding, the dresses of red, orange, gold, yellow, brown, chocolate, olive and green colors will look great on the witnesses.
  • Witnesses should not wear too short dresses.
  • A risky option may be the choice of the witness of a dress with a too fluffy skirt.
  • The style of the wedding dress of the witness must necessarily be combined with the style of the wedding dress of the bride. The bride in a ball dress and the witness in elegant tight will look very well. At the same time, the texture of the dress of the witness’s dress must also correspond to the material of the wedding dress of the bride.
  • A good option for a witness at a wedding can be a suit with a skirt or trousers. What kind of them to give preference, it’s up to you. And since the suit is meant for a holiday, and not for work, then it should not be very strict.
  • The presence of gloves in the wedding dress of the witness is not necessary.
  • Since you have a lot to move on this day, the dress should be as convenient and comfortable as possible.
  • The handbag in the attire of the witness is a very practical attribute in which you can put things of prime necessity: cosmetics, hairpins, invisible pads, napkins, handkerchiefs, tablets and a pair of spare stockings that you may need at any time.
  • Today to find a beautiful, fashionable and high-quality dress for both the bride and the witness is not a problem. Many wedding salons offer them in a huge assortment. However, be ready to pay for this outfit a considerable amount of money. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a dress not for one day, but in such a way that it can be worn later as a festive option.
  • If the financial situation does not allow you to buy a decent outfit, you can always take the dress for rent.
  • As for the choice of shoes for the witness, it requires a special approach. Choosing the shoes for the upcoming celebration, take into account the fact that you will have to go to this day a lot, and there may not be a possibility of changing shoes. Therefore, choose shoes not only beautiful, but also extremely comfortable. After all, a whole day on your feet in shoes on a high hairpin can be a real test for you. The best option – shoes with a low stable heel. You can also take with you a pair of spare shoes at low heels or without it, which can help you out in a desperate situation.
  • Do not choose shoes with heels, if the bride is below your height. In this case, it is better to give preference to ballet.
  • Hairstyle can be decorated with elegant flowers or put on your head a charming hat, perfectly combined with your wedding costume.
  • As an ornament, you can advise a very modest set – a chain with a pendant, earrings and a small bracelet. Will this jewelry or quality jewelry – it all depends on your taste and preferences. A sense of proportion and taste will help you make the right choice.

Tips for choosing clothes for guests

Invited to the wedding: what to wear? This is not such a simple task, as many may seem at first glance, but it is also possible. If you were invited to register a marriage with friends, relatives or acquaintances as an ordinary guest, then the choice of what to wear for a wedding is not very difficult. Although it would be quite difficult and expensive to find a suitable outfit, which would ideally correspond to such a solemn occasion, season and weather, but it is quite feasible if desired. Of course, men in this situation are much easier, they can be all in the same costumes, but as far as ladies are concerned, every woman always wants to be individual, not to mention such an event as a wedding. On this day, women usually show their best outfits, competing among themselves in elegance. Your task is to pick up a suit or dress that will perfectly match with your shoes, handbag, hair and decorations. And since strict limitations simply do not exist, you are free to choose whatever you like. However, do not blindly follow the fashion, buy the most fashionable and expensive dress or suit. In addition, it is also necessary to consider the type of wedding ceremony, your age, the features of the figure and the personal color pattern.

what can I wear for a wedding

So, what is better to wear a wedding for women: cocktail dress, evening dress or trouser suit? Although the choice is yours, the tips of the stylists will greatly help to facilitate your task.

  • Lovely ladies, choosing what attire to wear for the wedding, you must know in advance how the bride will be dressed.
  • In a white dress at a wedding there can only be a culprit of celebration – the bride! Therefore, the white outfit of any style, style and cut save for another case.
  • Also, stylists advise not to fall into the opposite extreme: a black dress is also not a very suitable option for a wedding evening. If you decide to wear a black outfit for the wedding party, choose the short youth option.
  • Flawless play of halftones and floral fantasies. Therefore, when choosing, give preference to shades of beige, turquoise, pink, purple, blue and green.
  • The chosen outfit should not be too flashy and vulgar.
  • Too long evening dresses are suitable only for secular receptions.
  • The best option is a dress or a suit up to the knee. Also suitable and trouser suit, which in European society is considered a good form.
  • In addition, the chosen outfit should be comfortable and do not constrain movements.
  • If the newlyweds are planning a wedding in the church, you should pay attention to the excessive openness and length of your outfit. During the ceremony in the church, you can use a cape, a gas scarf or a shawl.
  • Shoes should be matched to the tone of the chosen dress or suit. From high heels it is better to refuse, because you have a lot to dance and participate in various games and competitions.
  • If lipstick for make-up can use brighter tones, then powder and shadow are recommended to choose pastel tones.
  • Completed look to your image will give jewelry and jewelry. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you risk spoiling everything.
  • Properly selected accessories will not only give your image a finish, but also add points to the upcoming wedding celebration.
  • Ladies can afford to come to the wedding banquet in a small original hat carefully selected in style and color to suit or dress. This accessory can be exactly the highlight that will complete your image.
  • Going to the celebration, you need to use the toilet water and spirits in moderation. Prefer light fragrances, which envelop a barely noticeable trail, and do not have a depressing effect on others.
  • A handbag, an evening handbag on a chain or a handbag-clutch must necessarily harmonize with your outfit and shoes.
  • To easily refresh makeup do not forget to take with yourself cosmetic napkins, compact powder and lipstick.

Following these simple rules, any woman will be able to shine at the wedding and catch on herself the rapturous looks of other guests attending the solemn event.

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