Potato casserole for every taste

potato casserole


  • Trial casserole for beginners
  • Casserole “Sour” with minced meat
  • Casserole “Sea” from potatoes and squid
  • “Grandmother’s recipes”: casserole with cabbage
  • Casserole “Potato yummy” with beer

How to cook a potato pudding does not know unless lazy, although this dish was created just for such people. Well, judge for yourself: it’s not necessary to mess around in the kitchen for a long time, because the main task is only to cut all the necessary products, put them in a certain order in heat-resistant dishes and send them to the oven. While the dish “comes”, you have as many as 45 free minutes to relax.

Potato casserole is a universal dish that will take root both in the kitchen of an inveterate bachelor and a working, busy mother of a large family. It can be made with vegetables, seafood, chicken, beef, minced meat and other products. Choose the filling for your taste and cook with pleasure. We hope that these recipes will be useful and necessary for you.

Trial casserole for beginners

This is the easiest casserole you can think of. Despite its primitiveness and simplicity of preparation, the food turns out to be quite appetizing. Especially it is useful to busy women, students and single women – in general, everyone who does not have the time, energy or desire to do anything in the kitchen. In just a few minutes, you will see a ruddy potato casserole on your table, which, you will agree, is much more useful than fast foods, quick-wiping sandwiches and soups made of sachets.

For cooking potato casserole you will need:

  • potatoes average 7-8 pieces;
  • eggs 3 pieces;
  • cheese grated 3 tbsp spoon.

For sauce:

  • flour 2 tablespoons;
  • butter 2 tablespoon;
  • milk 1 glass;
  • eggs 2 pieces;
  • salt to taste;
  • pepper to taste.

Boil the potatoes, peel and cut into slices. Eggs hard boiled, peeled and cut into slices. Half the potatoes lay on a greased baking sheet and cover it with chopped eggs. Top with the remaining potatoes. Each layer is sprinkled with 1-2 tablespoons of oil.

Prepare the sauce: fry the wheat flour in oil until golden, dilute with milk, add egg, salt, black pepper and mix everything. With the prepared sauce pour the casserole, sprinkle it with grated cheese and bake in a very hot frying cupboard.

potato casserole

Casserole “Sour” with minced meat

To date, venerable chefs working in the best restaurants in Europe and the world have collected a huge collection of a wide variety of recipes for potato casserole. Their secrets they share in culinary benefits, which are published in huge editions, on television and even on the radio. So if you really want to, you can make any dish with any minced meat, even fish.

But this time to look for a suitable recipe for too long will not have to. We bring to your attention an appetizing potato pudding with minced meat, fresh tomatoes and champignons. The dish turns out very juicy, beautiful and satisfying. It can be served with pickles: sauerkraut, cucumbers, marinated mushrooms.


  • fifteen potatoes
  • half a pound of pork
  • beef – 500 grams
  • three glasses of mushrooms cut fresh mushrooms (or other mushrooms)
  • 150 grams of onions
  • chicken egg – one piece
  • one large ripe tomato
  • salt – to taste
  • two glasses of pasteurized milk
  • a small piece of hard cheese (buy about 200 grams)
  • spices – if desired
  • a packet of sour cream

Cooking method:

The preparation of potato casserole begins with the cleaning of vegetables. Once finished, boil the water, salt it and boil the potatoes. Then drain the excess liquid and make a smoothie. To make it lush and airy, add whipped egg and milk. As for the last product, it needs to be slightly heated, otherwise the potato will acquire a blue tint.

To prepare mashed potatoes, we recommend using a mixer or blender – so it will be much easier to get rid of lumps. We can not but mention one more feature: if you decide to make a potato casserole for your baby, buy home-tested, tested and “tested” eggs, in which quality you are absolutely sure. Otherwise, it is better to do without this ingredient, and instead add a little butter.

So, it’s time to move on to the next stage. If you use ready-made stuffing, just salt it and lightly pepper. Potato casserole, which we are talking about, suggests a slightly different approach: boil both kinds of meat, then crush it in a blender and briefly set aside. Now cut the small tomatoes into small cubes, and the peeled onions with thin half-rings.

In the saucepan with preheated oil, put the first ingredient when it lightens and becomes translucent, enter the tomato. Fry the products until half cooked, and then add to them beef-pork mass, salt, freshly ground pepper or other condiments. Stew for five to seven minutes with constant stirring.

Potato casserole is made with champignons, but they can always be replaced with any mushrooms, both fresh and dried. To do this, go with honey mushrooms, chanterelles, oyster mushrooms and so on. Slice the product in thin mugs and fry with minced meat. Voila, the filling is ready – now you only need to collect all the components of the food together.

Apply the vegetable oil to the inner surface of the heat-resistant glassware, rinsing it well on the bottom and edges. Spread the potato casserole in the following way: in the even layer pound ½ puree, leveling it with a wooden spatula. Then comes the stuffing, and at the very end is added the remaining potatoes.

To make the dish look beautiful and look good, you need to make a special mixture and cover it with a dish. Rub on a large grater cheese, then mix it with sour cream and grease the potato casserole. Put your creation in the oven, heated to 180 degrees, and, increasing the temperature to 200, cook it from twenty minutes to half an hour.

Before serving slightly cool the dish, otherwise it will break and crumble. If desired, you can decorate it with chopped parsley, dill or coriander. And as a sauce we suggest using mayonnaise, sour cream or cream, mixed with two garlic cloves, which should be crushed with a special press. We hope you’ll like cooking potato casserole, and the recipe will be firmly entrenched in the kitchen. Bon Appetit!

recipe for potato casserole

Casserole “Sea” from potatoes and squid

Such an unusual potato casserole will surely please the fans of experiments. Mixing together the incongruous, as may seem at first glance, products gives rise to an unusual but very pleasant taste. If in the near future there will be a free minute, be sure to try to make this dish – sure, you will not regret it!


For potato casserole:

  • 500 grams of squid
  • salt – to taste
  • eight pieces of pink potatoes
  • three small bulbs
  • Olive oil take it at your discretion (you need about four tablespoons)
  • 20 grams of breadcrumbs
  • 15 grams of butter
  • black pepper – optional
  • 20 milliliters of cream

For decoration:

  • fresh greens

Cooking method:

For the potato casserole you need frozen squid. After they go away, that is, they will thaw out, remove all unnecessary ones: suckers, beaks, cut off the skin. Then pour the meat in cold water, after a while remove the clear film and rinse the ingredients. Remember, water should be changed several times! Now boil the squid, slightly pouring the liquid, for three to five minutes. After cool them and cut into small cubes. Transfer seafood to a blender and crush.

Onions peel off the peel, cut with small pieces and send into a skillet with vegetable oil. When it brightens, enter squid, as well as table salt and seasonings, guided by your own taste. The filling for the future potato casserole should cool down, and in the meantime you will be making lavish purée.

We think how to do it, every mistress knows, but following a few simple rules, you can get a truly perfect dish. So, try to buy potatoes of pink varieties, which is perfectly boiled. To prevent the dish from breaking up during cutting, it is recommended to cook the vegetable in a “uniform”, that is, not peeling. After he has cooled down, remove the skin and crush the product with a crush.

Now pour a little vegetable broth in the mash, in which potatoes were boiled, add the butter and beat thoroughly until all the ingredients have dissolved. The best assistant in this business is a blender. The resulting mass is divided into two identical parts.

Potato casserole is laid out on a baking tray or in another dish, oiled and sprinkled with breadcrumbs, layer by layer. The first “floor” consists of puree, then squid with a bulb and the remaining potatoes. Slightly pour the cream and pour them a dish. Instead of this product, you can also use mayonnaise or homemade sour cream. In addition, to achieve a “ruddy” effect and a crisp crust will help a mixture of whipped eggs with milk.

Before calling your family to the table, make sure that the potato casserole has cooled, then cut it into portions, spread out on plates and sprinkle with chopped greens. As a sauce, butter, melted on a steam bath, will do.

“Grandmother’s recipes”: casserole with cabbage

Let’s share another simple recipe for a potato casserole called “Grandma’s recipes”. This dish, of course, just does not fit for a festive feast, but for a family dinner or dinner – just right!


For casserole:

  • 15 grams of white flour
  • olive oil or other vegetable oil
  • salt
  • fifteen pieces of boiled potatoes and the same amount of raw
  • two onions

For filling:

  • kilogram of sauerkraut
  • large onion – one piece
  • black (ground) pepper – to taste

Cooking method:

Have you decided to make a potato casserole? Then choose a vegetable that is well boiled, otherwise the dish will not be very tasty. So, first remove from it the peel (take fifteen raw potatoes) and grate, then carefully wring it with a sieve or gauze, folded into several dense layers. Add a couple of pinch of salt and freshly ground pepper and, covering the lid, set aside for a while to the side.

Now boil the remaining potatoes without cleaning it. Only after the product is completely ready, peel it from the skin, mash with a fork, combine it with raw vegetables, flour and mix. Start stuffing by cutting the onion with not too thick rings and lightly browning in vegetable oil, then enter cabbage, salt and spices here, and cook for no more than ten minutes.

The dishes in which you will bake the dish, treat with oil or fat, then lay out just over half of the mixture from the potato, on top – the filling, and cover everything with the remaining vegetable product. Note that the top “floor” of the dish should be somewhat thinner than the previous two.

Casserole, cooked according to this recipe, will not turn out too ruddy. But if you want to enhance this effect, grease it with cream, whipped with eggs, or sour cream. As an ornament fried golden onions and chopped fresh parsley or other greens are suitable. As they say, a pleasant appetite!

recipe for potato casserole

Casserole “Potato yummy” with beer

This food is an excellent occasion to invite old friends to visit. His recipe is very simple and unpretentious, so whatever cooking skills you have – an initial culinary school or a real pro – it will still come off mouth-watering.

Casserole “Potato yummy” is prepared with beer and sour cream, due to which it turns out very soft and tender, and nutmeg in combination with garlic gives it a piquant unusual taste. Do not take too long: half an hour – and it’s ready!


For casserole:

  • one kilogram of good potatoes
  • 350 grams of onion
  • 100 grams of butter

For sauce:

  • a glass of light beer
  • salt
  • 125 grams of sour cream (if not this product, use cream)
  • black pepper (preferably ground)
  • two cloves of garlic
  • 175 grams of “Russian” cheese
  • put nutmeg to your taste

Cooking method:

There are many different recipes for this dish, and each hostess chooses the one that suits her best. We shared the secrets of cooking a casserole made of mashed potatoes. This time you are offered a simplified version of the dish: cut the peeled potatoes with mugs of medium thickness, and finely chop onion.

Then melt the butter in a skillet and place the onion rings here. By the way, not every sort of potato behaves well in a dish: some vegetables are boiled, others are hard and not very appetizing. To protect yourself and the guests from disappointment, we recommend to drop the cut potatoes into boiling salted water, boiling until half cooked (cut five minutes).

Now the most important thing is the sauce. Sour cream or cream, depending on what you took, dilute with a cold beer, sprinkle and pepper slightly, then enter nutmeg and crushed garlic cloves with a press or knife. In a separate bowl, grate the cheese, and then combine it with the above ingredients. Stir the sauce and form the dish.

To do this, treat the utensils for baking with any oil or fat, then lay a few layers of onions and potatoes, alternating them with each other. At the very end, pour the dish with a milky-beer mixture and bake in the oven. The most suitable temperature is 200 degrees. After about 40 minutes you can safely serve the table.

Potato casserole is good because it always turns out delicious, despite the mood, skills and abilities of the cook. Of no small importance is the simplicity and speed of cooking, so we recommend taking a few recipes for a note. Instead of running from work, frying potatoes or cooking macaroni, make a casserole.

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