Advantages of a children’s bicycle Lexus Trike

Advantages of a children's bicycle Lexus Trike

Deciding to buy a children’s bicycle, we face a difficult problem. How to choose a bicycle for the child, which will be most convenient, pass, safe, durable and beautiful? This can help the official site of the children’s bicycle Lexus Trike, which presents various models of this brand.

Three-wheeled Lexus Trike has many advantages over other children’s bicycles, one of them is the variety of the model range. The three main models of this bike – the Lexus Trike Original Classic, the Lexus Trike Montana and the Lexus Trike Next – are quite different from each other, providing the option of choice according to the tastes and preferences of the buyer.

children's bicycle Lexus trikeAll models combine the presence of a handle for the mother, because the bike Lexus Trike from a certain age of the child is able to completely replace the stroller. The Classic is equipped with a pusher handle, which withstands a heavy load and is more common for many mothers. When the front wheel is locked, the handle of the pushrod is similar to that of the stroller. In the other two models, the handle has been modified and it has been possible to directly control the front wheel of the bicycle through a cable system hidden in the frame. This method of control allows you to spend less effort when turning and leaves the front wheel and steering wheel moving. This gives the baby a feeling, as if he himself turns the steering wheel and drives a bicycle.

A big positive moment is the presence of Lexus Trike rather large wheels with a soft relief protector, which allows them not to rattle the entire street and provides good cross-country traffic.

Designers and manufacturers are constantly working to improve the comfort and ergonomics of the bicycle. All varieties of models released after 2010, received a new comfortable form of the seat. From the usual triangle it turned into a chair with a back, soft inserts and even a small pillow under the head. And only in three-wheeled bicycles Lesus Trik seat is regulated both vertically (above or below the ground) and horizontally (closer or further from the steering wheel).

Much attention is paid to the safety of a small passenger – the Original Classic model is equipped with five-point seat belts, Montana – three-point, and Lexus Trike Next received an additional safety barrier around the child – a special bumper covered with pleasant to the touch material.

Additional protection is provided by a hood-tent of the original oval shape, which can be raised above the child’s head or lowered behind his back.

In addition to useful design features, parents and children from afar are attracted by the bright, unusual design of the Lexus Trike 2011. Each model comes in several colors, the paint with a pearly sheen shines and shimmers in the sun.

Look at the gallery of children’s three-wheeled bicycles Lexus Trike, you can buy the model you like without leaving your home. The official site of Lexus Trike operates as an online store and delivers throughout the territory of Russia. Warranty for all Lexus Trike models – 6 months.

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