Masks to increase the elasticity of the breast

Masks for the elasticity of the breast should be done as regularly as face masks. Since there is no muscular and fat layer in the decollete zone, this area is the most susceptible to aging. Many cosmeticians believe that this age zone is given by this woman. Responsible approach and simple techniques will help to prolong the beauty and health of the body. Like any part of the body, the skin in the chest area requires cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing. When choosing a special cosmetic product, it is necessary to pay attention to the content in its composition of vitamin F, which has the property of slowing the aging of the skin.

Maintaining a firmer breast

Cleansing and nourishing masks for breast elasticity

Care of this area is not time-consuming, as every day, taking a shower, you can make a water micro massage, directing water jets from the center of the chest to the shoulders.

Before using masks for elasticity and firmness of the breast, you need to make sure that you do not have allergies to the constituent components of the mask.

General recommendations for the use of a mask for the chest:

  • the composition of the mask should be applied in such a way that it does not affect the area of ​​the areola and nipple;
  • to enhance the effect of using the mask, the breast after applying the mask is recommended to wrap the film, to keep in this form the remedy should not be more than 20 minutes.

Breast scrubs based on flakes

There are many home-made recipes for the decollete zone. To get rid of the aged cells and to renew the skin will help mask-scrub. For its preparation, it is sufficient to mix oat flakes with honey and vegetable oil. Such a soft mixture effectively cleans, does not scratch and does not cause irritation even to sensitive skin.

The procedure for cleansing is best done after an evening bath or a hot shower. Once a week, apply a scrub to this area and massage lightly, making circular motions. After that, you need to moisturize the skin with special milk. Or prepare a moisturizing lotion yourself, mixing cucumber juice with a warm decoction of chamomile. This procedure will significantly improve the skin of the breast, if it has a lot of stretch marks.

Simple enough recipes for nourishing masks will provide radiance, elasticity and prolong youthfulness of the skin. For the mask, you need to crush the pulp of the apple and mix with the olive oil. Another recipe: Oatmeal is diluted in warmed milk and added a little peach or almond oil. Hold the mask on the neck and neck for about 20 minutes.

Masks for the elasticity of the breast based on honey

To ensure that the skin was smooth and well-groomed, experts recommend using all kinds of masks for chest tightening.

Honey masks for elasticity of a breast

So, the most popular component of most masks for the breast is bee honey.

To apply on normal skin, honey should be preheated, then spread evenly over the face and after 15 minutes rinse thoroughly. And the first water for flushing should be warm, and the second – cold.

A tightening breast mask from honey is prepared as follows: honey is mixed with lemon juice, after which it is thoroughly mixed. The resulting homogeneous mass is carefully applied to the area of ​​the chest and neck.

Honey mask for the fading and sagging breasts is done differently: honey is crushed before the acquisition of white color, to it is added a yolk of a hen’s egg and cow’s cream. The composition is evenly distributed over the skin of the breast and neck, it is allowed to soak for half an hour, after which it is washed off with water. After warm water, it is recommended to rinse the breast and neck with a pink infusion.

Dry and wrinkled skin will help a mask made of honey, strong tea, oat flakes and water. Mass, which resulted as a result, with particular care should be wiped and then allowed to warm up in a water bath. The mask should be applied to the skin in sufficient quantity, then cover the breast with a tissue paper and cover with a towel.

Withering skin will rejuvenate the mask of bee honey, which also includes chicken fresh yolk, vegetable oil and mountain ash juice. Before applying this mask on the skin, it is recommended to make a compress or a bath of decoction of lime flowers.

Skin, prone to active aging, needs special care. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare a mask for it: mix the honey with flour and add the protein part of the chicken egg by pre-whisking it. Using a cotton swab, the mixture is applied to the chest and allowed to dry. When one layer of mask is dried, a new one is added to it, and so several times.

After half an hour of aging the mask is washed off. It is important to first apply warm water, and after the procedure is completed, go to the cold one. Use the mask described above can not be more than once in 10 days.

Flabby and wrinkled skin is pulled by a mask of honey and gelatin. For its preparation you need to take a pack of ordinary gelatin and dissolve it with 30 ml of pure water. When half an hour has elapsed, 10 g of honey should be introduced into the swollen gelatin, followed by 60 g of glycerin. The mixture is aged on a water bath and applied warm to the face and neck. During cooling, this mask gives a smoothing effect. This mask is also used to treat stretch marks.


Do mask for the breast you need at least 1-2 times a week. If the skin of the breast is in a bad condition, it is recommended to make a breast mask 3 times a week. It is best to do the procedure lying in a warm bath when nothing distracts you. Useful for the skin of the chest are contrasting douches. This not only improves blood circulation, but also strengthens the body as a whole. If the contrast shower brings you discomfort, you can do compresses. Dampen 2 towels in hot and cold water and alternately apply for a couple of minutes on the delicate area.

To save the elasticity of the skin will help a simple daily charge. It is enough to stretch your arms out to the sides and do circular motions 8-10 times. A common recommendation for breast health and beauty of the decollete zone is a properly selected bra. It must necessarily be on wide straps made of natural fabrics with a wide cup that closes the breast as much as possible.

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