How it is possible to return elasticity of a breast?

With age, many women are wondering how to restore the elasticity of the chest. Owners of a magnificent bust should be looked after from a youth to prevent aging and sagging of the skin. Beautiful breasts are an important attribute of female beauty and sexuality.

Breast elasticity support

Causes of loss of elasticity

Around the mammary glands is located fat tissue, which gives the breast volume. Thanks to the connective tissue it is attached to the muscles and supports the bust. The older the woman, the more likely that connective tissue due to certain factors begins to stretch, so the chest becomes flabby and unattractive, and it goes down.

The causes of loss of elasticity include:

  • inadequate nutrition, consumption of fatty foods in large quantities, inadequate intake of calcium and vitamins by the body;
  • dehydration;
  • smoking;
  • tan without the top of the swimsuit, resulting in the skin becomes dry and collagen collapses with elastin, responsible for the elasticity of the breast;
  • sharp weight loss or, conversely, a strong weight gain;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • lack of proper breast care.

Exercises for Breast Firming

How it is possible to return elasticity of a breast?

To restore the bust elasticity, you need to monitor the daily intake of water. The volume of water drunk should not be less than 2 liters. Food should be rational and useful. In the diet, it is recommended to include foods that contain phytoestrogens. These include various cereals (rice, wheat, oatmeal), carrots, cabbage, apples, legumes. It is useful to drink broths of oregano and verbena. It should reduce the use of baking, cakes, pastries and other sweets, as a dessert there are bananas, dried apricots, nuts. Salads are best dressed with olive oil, not mayonnaise. White bread is best replaced with whole grains. It is recommended to use a complex of vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids.

To restore the elasticity of the breast will help physical activity. With their help, the posture improves and the tone of the bust of any woman returns. It should be noted that the complex of exercises must be performed daily, without missing classes. Then the desired result will come quickly enough.

To restore the elasticity of the chest, you should perform such exercises as:

  1. Push-ups – at least 20-30 times.
  2. “Prayer” – you need to fold your arms near your chest and push hard against each other. Suffice it 20 times.
  3. Imitation of the breaststroke. The starting position – to become even and hands represent movements that resemble a breaststroke.
  4. “Scissors” – in standing position you need to stretch out your arms and perform cross movements, as if with scissors.
  5. Hand movements with dumbbells. It is necessary to lie on a flat surface, in both hands to take a dumbbell, then to reduce and breed them. It is enough to execute 35-45 times.

Contrast shower for breast elasticity

Restoration of the elasticity of the breast can not do without water procedures. It is recommended to take a contrast shower every morning. If you make a shower movement in a circle, you can increase the flow of blood to the chest, and vessels are also strengthened and strengthened. Instead of a shower, you can use an ice cube of medicinal herbs. To make such ice, you need to take in the same proportions chamomile, linden flowers, oak grass and mint. You can add 1 tsp. green tea. Mix all components and pour boiling water, insist for at least 5 hours, then freeze the infusion, pouring it evenly into the ice molds. To increase the tone of the breast it is desirable to wipe it with cubes daily in the morning.

The elasticity of the bust in a short time perfectly restores a special compress. To make it, you take 20 g of sea salt, as much wine vinegar, pour boiling water and add 2 drops of lemon juice. Dampen the towel in the resulting mixture and attach to the chest for a few minutes. After that, take a shower, so as not to put on the skin burns from wine vinegar.

For the care of the breast it is useful to use cosmetics that contain vitamins of group B and E. They are able to eliminate all harmful substances and liquid from the skin. With time, the breasts become taut and elastic from such care.

It is worth paying attention to underwear. The bra should be selected only in size, so that it supports the chest and does not give unpleasant sensations to the woman. It must be made of natural material. During physical exercises, it is advisable to wear a sports top that will perfectly support the bust.

Use of creams for breast elasticity

It is recommended to do a massage every day. You can do it yourself. It is necessary to put a palm to the center of the chest, exhale and press it, then inhale and release. It is enough to repeat the exercise 10 times.

You can use special creams to restore the elasticity of your chest. They contain collagen, elastin, useful extracts from medicinal plants, clay, various essential oils, etc.

It is useful to enroll in a swimming pool and swim on your back. Thus, the elasticity and elasticity of the breast is quickly restored.

If there is no desire and time to perform all of the above methods, you can use innovative technologies. For example, a procedure such as microcurrent therapy is common for increasing the elasticity of the breast. Its essence is to act on chest cells with weak electric pulses. They improve the nutrition of cells and begin to produce collagen.

Another popular procedure is mesotherapy. The specialist introduces special preparations under the skin of the patient, which stimulate elasticity. However, this method is not suitable for every woman.

Masks for the elasticity of the skin at home

How to return the shape of the breast, will prompt non-traditional medicine. There are many folk remedies that are effective for caring for a bust. To make it volumetric and sexual, it is necessary to make masks.

One of the common masks for increasing the elasticity of the breast is the combination of almond oil and honey.

Both ingredients should be taken in equal proportions, thoroughly mixed and applied to clean skin. Keep on chest for 20 minutes, after the time is rinse with warm water, using a loofah.

An excellent tool for the mask is white clay. It is enough to take 2 tsp. clay, add 2 tbsp. l. water and bring it to a creamy consistency. Add 1 tsp. talcum powder. Apply a mixture of breast and décolleté zone. Keep until dry, then rinse off.

It is useful for a mask to use mashed potatoes. Add in it 40 g of vegetable oil, 20 g of cream and 10 g of honey, stir and apply on the chest for 20 minutes. Then wash off and apply to the skin moisturizer.

The mask of yogurt is effective. It is necessary to take 1 tbsp. l. yoghurt, preferably natural, then add 1 chicken egg, 1 ampoule with vitamin E, which can be bought at the pharmacy, and 1 tsp. vegetable oil. All components are well mixed and applied to the chest with massage movements. After 20 minutes, rinse.

The most budgetary, but no less useful, is a mask of cocoa butter. It should be smeared on the chest and up to the axillae, while you can perform massage.

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